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Winter sewing part 2

So finally I finished my jeans. Not that it was hard, but I do have an aversion to sewing waistbands, don't ask me why, I don't know? It's not like I have failed waistbands lying around, I just always procrastinate about sewing them. 

That's the pattern and the full length jeans. They have a straight waistband which actually works ok for my waist. The denim was bought at Lincraft a number of years ago and is probably great for winter in Brisbane, not sure how great they'll be in Germany. Not to worry I'm making merino tights and/or long johns. 
This is the back of the jeans. The pocket is ridiculously small. I knew it but should have pulled them off and done them again. Of course proportion is everything and smaller pockets mean bigger looking back end so I want to avoid that. I probably won't get time before we go away but it won't matter as they will be covered anyway.  

These photos are all terrible and all been lightened to see any detail. I don…

Winter sewing.

Ok so a quick one with lots of photos. I made this Simplicity 8338 workout top out of some light weight active wear remnant from Lincraft. Cut out ages ago and finished it a few weeks ago. It's a nice fit and I like it. I will make some adjustments so that I can tie up the back when I do yoga as downward dog makes it go over my head unless I quickly tuck it into my pants... which I do.

Made the back panel with some white mesh I had on hand.

So winter sewing because at this stage we are going away to Europe and am busy making stuff to take. Jeans which I think will be too light weight but with tights and a long coat should be ok. I'll see. I started these a few weeks ago but I haven't finished them yet.

Didn't have a blue zip on hand but a green one.. no problem. Too long, also no problem; this is a stash pair of jeans. Yay!

Have used New Look 6979 for the pants in a heavy wool knit I bought a a fabric stash sale a few months ago. They are heavy but look smart for basi…