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Alchemy Party

I said I would post some photos from the 70's party we went to last week.. and here some are.  The photo above is the group I went with... I am second from left.  That is an original polyester 70's dress and was very comfortable to wear.  You can see the lighted up Story Bridge in the background.  This is out the front of the Alchemy Restaurant where the party was held in honour of the owner/chef Brad Jolly who turned 40 and the restaurant which turned 4. Not a bad view ... the food is also "sublime" as my osteopath quoted last week.  The food was fabulous, the French champagne went down well and the staff were incredible! Have a look at their website has worked with some amazing and inspiring people one of them being Jamie Oliver!

We all had a really great time and thank Brad and Ang for a great night out!
On the sewing front I have bought some lovely blue striped fluffy fleece stuff to make my son a dressing gown.  His latest is ge…

Studio 54

Do you remember the 70's? Yes I do too... late 70's finished high school and set upon the world.  I was more into alternative/punk/new wave pop type music but also found myself boppin' to disco too.  Well, I'm so excited ... tomorrow night I and my guest (sister - one of the 4 I have) are going to Alchemy Restaurant's 4th  and owner Brad Jolly's 40th birthday bash!  It is a Studio 54 theme... 70's great!!!  My sister came over with heaps of 70's gear that looks fantastic.  A whole suitcase full, no less! We have tried many on and had a good laugh but the one I liked on my sister was the red plastic short shorts, with the black,really large net top with sequins and big 70's sleeves, fish net tights with red boots with two white stripes up the side.  She won't wear it to the party but I think it looks great!

I will wear an original Prestige dress - black off shoulder number with a halter tie coming from the centre- front (don't know what this …

Because we can!!!

Since reading sewing blogs, I have learned that I don't have to rush off and buy what I think I need.  (not that I really do that anyway...even if I could afford it, I don't think I would). There is much inspiration in sewing-blog world... for example have a look here, why buy a $400 or more, goretex jacket... why not just make it.  Three months ago, I would never have considered it but now... why not.  But I'm not making a gortex jacket (I bought one for $400 when I went to live in really need it there) but in Brisbane, it's good for a rainy or windy day  or rainy and windy day, and with a fleece is ok for winter... one is enough, though. But I would make one for my son.  Same with if there is a pattern you can make it; if there isn't a pattern you can try and make it!

So in the last few months I have made: an ironing board c…