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TheSew Convert did a post about her home town of Singapore. She mentions a roti shop and I just said to my friend who will have a stopover in Singapore in a month that she must stop there for the best rotis I have ever eaten and the lime drinks next door - fabulous.  The fabric shops are just around the corner and I hope she has a corner in her bag left after a month in France!

I have visited Singapore many, many times.  Some times for stop overs, sometimes for separate trip and always, always wanted to stay longer. The food is great, the people are great, the transport is great, the fabric shops to die for and did I mention the food? Oh not to forget shoes! bags! Oh I just love it.
 This is where we ate every day (above). We had a great hotel but who wants to eat bacon and eggs or cereal when this array is on offer??  My father is Greek and my mother is Cypriot and we are very fussy food people.  My mother has lived in Australia nearly 60 years and has never eaten a meat pie, sausage …

Making it Handmade:

A documentary following four women from Melbourne who've taken a seemingly staid pastime of craft and injected it with a youthful modern aesthetic. [Coarse language, Sexual references/sex scenes] This is on tonight on ABC2 at 9.34pm for those of you in Australia.  I hope I remember to watch it (I"m so tired. I've just finished painting and have to clean the blinds, wash the windows, screw in all the handles and fixture thingys and then hang the blinds and screen - not to mention uni stuff!) I am really intrigued as to why it has an MA rating: coarse language I get (I sew therefore I curse!) but Sexual reference/sex scenes????  Nothing like that ever happens when I'm doing anything handmade or do I get the interpretation of handmade wrong?
These are just photos so there is some interest here.  The first one is when we were in Cyprus 2 years ago.  That is some lovely voile I bought at Spotlight with a basic peasant blouse pattern I've had for years.  It looks a little …

Do you see what I see?

No, Ange and Brad haven't come over for dinner and let me snap their photo. I won't bore you with how long it has taken to scan this photo and the drama with it, but I persisted...  (sorry about the bad quality photo - after too many attempts I gave up scanning it and just took a photo with the mac's camera)
What's with the zip hanging out like that?? Doesn't someone save her? Haven't you ever tapped someone on the shoulder on the bus and said "Oh, just thought I'd tell you your tag is hanging out"? I nicked this magazine from the hospital physio waiting room as I couldn't believe it ... it's not even an invisible zip!
That green dress is a Versace and must have cost a bomb! It was from the Golden Globes this year so shows how up to date I am.  (I just looked at a lot of the dresses worn and I don't really like a lot of the choices.) I really don't like blondes wearing a nude colour - they look washed out. I s that just me thinking t…