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Welcome to Kristy and other followers!

I'd like to welcome all (ok, all 5) of my followers. I feel really honoured and I won't deceive myself that it isn't the enticement of a giveaway - I'm not really that interesting, but never the less here you all are. This will encourage me to a) blog more and b) make it more interesting. It's different when you think you are writing to yourself!  Well, added to this is excitement, I see tonight that Kristy of fame has also become a follower of moi!!!! (I'm feeling just a little bit Miss Piggy now) I follow Kristy's work and wonder how she (or many actually) find the time for sewing and everything else women/mother's have to do. Just for the record: I love the new red skirt Kristy! Red goes marvellously well with grey!

I have some photos I want to load soon (like the sunglasses I want to give away, and the dress I finished) but I have lots of study to do too and a legal matter that hopefully will finish on Thursday. …

What am I doing?????

As if being a single parent (with only one day off a week) of a six year old active boy isn't enough, I have just started my Tafe course in Marketing this week ... one week down and 18 to go!  I am overwhelmed with how much work we have to do and getting a bit crazy with 'how will I ever do it all'.  I also make kindergarten sheet sets for a local kindy (kindergarten) and I have my usual home/mother stuff to do.  My son now has some before school care, park play and friend look after, and my Mum picks him up on Thursdays. Phew!

However, I am determined that this will work out.  I will probably only do sewing in minimal bursts for a number of weeks- kind of tension release.  I have to master simple computer things that most people have no trouble doing - like spreadsheets etc.  I was a travel agent for the last 12 years of my paid working life (that ended 6 years ago) and I used travel programmes and CRS's (computer reservation systems - indeed I know 3 of these!) but t…

SeamSTRESS!!!! and beaded mishaps!!

Ever wondered why we are called seamSTRESS's ... it occurred to me just now! There is always stress when you sew.  I remember once, I was making a beautiful red satin long evening gown for New Year's Eve, when my cousin invited my then boyfriend and I to Tattersalls (an exclusive men only - unless invited - club in the city).   I sewed for days and it was going well until I caught a panel of the dress in the overlocker and put a 'v' nick into it ..... it is still unfinished!  I cried and cried and cried; then got a hold of myself and went out and bought a dress on New Year's Eve afternoon.  A beautiful black, beaded all over dress that was only $99.  I still have the dress and had the neck changed from a scoop neckline to a square about 8 years ago.

The beaded dress has it's own story too!  When I worked in travel, my old travel manager worked for a children's cancer charity and was having a Ball to raise money. Said Ball was in Rockhampton, which is about…

Style Icons and crap!

I fear my two favorite blogs are having an out and out verbal!! Hereand here(well written punch up that is).  I happen to agree with both.  I don't think think that Peter should be canning Dan's style ... me thinks he has nice style and looks like a "nice young man" Heavens, it looks like he tries to appease the great Selfish one by either learning to knit (in the photo) or he is actually teaching HER to knit!!

But of course, Peter has his own style and doesn't need a "style icon".  It is nice to be a follower or emulate another's style - however there are few amongst us who could a) sew so well in such a short time b) whip up things for self and model-about-town cousin and c) lets face it; look good in a sheet that is made into skirt, shirt or dress!!!

So....... how to mollify the situation????? Not sure ... either way they are both entertaining (even though they actually may not feel the joy) but make no mistake .. each has their own real style, …