Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making it Handmade:

A documentary following four women from Melbourne who've taken a seemingly staid pastime of craft and injected it with a youthful modern aesthetic.
[Coarse language, Sexual references/sex scenes]
This is on tonight on ABC2 at 9.34pm for those of you in Australia.  I hope I remember to watch it (I"m so tired. I've just finished painting and have to clean the blinds, wash the windows, screw in all the handles and fixture thingys and then hang the blinds and screen - not to mention uni stuff!)
I am really intrigued as to why it has an MA rating: coarse language I get (I sew therefore I curse!) but Sexual reference/sex scenes????  Nothing like that ever happens when I'm doing anything handmade or do I get the interpretation of handmade wrong?

These are just photos so there is some interest here.  The first one is when we were in Cyprus 2 years ago.  That is some lovely voile I bought at Spotlight with a basic peasant blouse pattern I've had for years.  It looks a little abstract in this photo but it is a large flower print in off white, grey and black.  Instead of gathering all the way around, I pleated the front and covered it with ribbon.  I have really worn this out but can't bear to chuck it out as at home in the heat it is perfectly cool and soft.

The other photo is a shopping trolley in one of the supermarkets in Cyprus - now that way your children would be happy to go shopping.  As Cyprus only has a population of about 730 000 people they are pretty with it with trolley choice!

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  1. That is a great looking top, so I can see why you don't wish to throw it out! Maybe you could reproduce it if it is wearing out?


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