Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift for a one year old.

 Along with the dress I made this weekend (previous post), I also made this cushion for a friend's 1 year old daughter. I used to babysit this Mum many years ago and her Mum died a few years ago (a wonderful woman who showed me many things - her children are a credit to her).
 This is during the make - I just googled large printable letters and cut them out then cut some vintage tiny gingham on the bias  (bought last week at the 2nd hand shop)and sewed it on with triple stitch zig zag. The "I" is a bit wonky.   
 This is how I wrapped it and below the finished product before wrapping. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Lilia has a sister who is 3yo and I knew I would need to make her one too, so I will hopefully this week.
 Her Mum made her this yummy chocolate butterfly cake.


  1. I recognise that butterfly cake - it's from the Australian Womens Weekly book isn't it? My sister made the same one for my daughter last month....

    Your pillow turned out really cute. I've found that when appliquing fiddly shapes like letters that it's easiest to use iron on double sided fusible webbing first to secure it in place and then sew around the edges so that it withstands little fingers.

  2. Adorable!! What a good friend you are...
    In answer; maybe Spendiferous is an eastern states store, since we've never had it here and I've never heard of it. Was it a good store?

  3. This is so lovely. Your photos are great too. I couldn't call you tonight putting the brood to bed but hope we can catch up soon. Kerry x


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