Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bronze Thongs

I bought these thongs in Singapore for S$19 in 2009 on a stopover from our trip to Cyprus and Greece. They were quite comfy but I didn't wear them much. They were cheap in both ways and the slight plastic wedge heel cracked on one and I had to throw them out. Before I threw them out I looked closely at the beads(ok, I didn't look, I bit them) and they were glass! I think there was 18 on each thong and I figured even at .50c ea that still makes it $18 worth of beads. 

Ages ago I saw a blogger whom I cannot remember (but wish I could) make a peasant style knock off blouse and it had glass beads down the front and she had a terrible time to get them and they were expensive (also a bit bigger than these too. So in the interests of needing bronze glass beads at some time in the future I cut them off and have them in my notions stash.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a little shoe shop that is piled up with shoes of every kind - you know the sort - 2 for $29 and then they get more expensive. But they had some lovely flat sandals with the same beads! Yep, I bit them too before I bought them and figured the $19 I paid for them would eventually yield me similar number of beads but this time in silver! They had a great light gold and a smoky colour too ... maybe I'll get the other too??

This post was going to be about the current Ottobre magazine pattern that I traced a couple of weeks ago and the top I hope to make tonight from it but blogger won't upload the photos. Maybe tomorrow. 

Do you save interesting bits and bobs from throw out items?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The atomic number of tin - the fifth magic number in physics - or 50.

Take your pick. Either way that's what my birth date declares it is today. "How did I get here?" as David Byrne from Talking Heads once asked. 

I'm not one to over celebrate birthdays for myself.I'm not even that fussed with presents but I love a surprise. It's fun but I've had a lot. At 40 I had a huge party in a fabulous setting (my cousin's house on a hill overseeing the lights of Brisbane from way up high)with 60 people and self catered, but I didn't feel like 

I have a full day at uni on Wednesdays and my son is normally at his dad's every Wednesday but that did not stop me having one of the best birthdays ever and certainly since my 40th.

I had a nice coffee with a uni friend between 2 tutorials and who gave me some lovely tiny glitter bird magnets. (a surprise to get a gift)Then between a tutorial and a late lecture I had lunch with my 2nd longest known friend. He booked Sono Japanese restaurant for lunch and we had bubbly (only one each - he had to go back to work and I had a lecture to go to)and salmon for lunch. Second surprise - I got a card that said "Princess for a day" and when I opened the card I got a surprise large sum on birthday money. 

Teriyaki Salmon and bubbles! (and a lot of cleavage..oops)
Salmon boat also with bubbles!

Friends of 33 years in poor quality iphoto photo taken by nervous waitress!

After uni I picked up Alexander and met my family at a local pizza place for dinner. Not very glamourous but really nice to just go out and be together. My nephew has a limited diet but can eat pizza and it is just more relaxing to have a casual night. More surprises followed as one sister gave me some beautiful pearl and diamond earrings and matching pearl bracelet, lots more birthday money from Mum, Dad and my other sisters. Plus Dad paid for the dinner out when in fact, I had invited them to celebrate with me!  Dad then bought the boys some gelato. It's the simple things isn't it!

I know I said I had put my sewing things away, and I had, but I thought I don't want to go into the second half of my century not well dressed - so last night instead of doing economics I made a dress I cut out two nights previously. It was not a smooth run, however.

It is Simplicity 2401 (sorry no photo of the pattern) but it is a  lovely pattern and very easy. I made a 12 bodice but did not make the A-line skirt.  I made a long drindle skirt. The underbodice piece I placed against the grain to have the stripes run horizontally for interest. I don't have a photo yet, but the skirt seam is nearly invisible as I matched it by chance! I used my ruffler foot (contraption) and slightly gathered the skirt as I wanted a more straight up and down skirt and it was quicker than 4 seams! It took 4 hours exactly but I broke two needles and the thread was playing up even though it is good thread (never buy cheap thread!). 

The pattern has an encased elastic back the the top goes together so nicely and all seams are invisibly inside. The fully faced bodice pieces have 3 open darts each so that was 12 and that probably took the longest to do. I made it from a cotton silk blend that I bought at Brisbane's new The Fabric Store. It cost $8 per metre and is 140cm wide! It has the most luxurious feel. It is not silver as it appears in the evening photo but a lilac/pinky colour as per above.

The camera I used tonight has a very strong flash (must read the manual to adjust) and the dress looks like it is silver but the true colour is above.

All in all a wonderful, surprising and simple birthday filled with people who I love and are really special to me. Phew! and I don't feel any different to about 30 years ago!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Put the sewing machines away.

Yes, I've had to. I started uni again a few weeks ago and my sewing room has morphed into the computer room again.  That took a while I must say. I still think about sewing things and dream that I can fit a little dress making between study, uni, mowing (will it ever stop raining here??)and looking after an 8 yo boy. 

I have so much that I want to blog about and from so long ago too. The Australian Sewing Guild (I can't even remember if that is the name) and that was from November last year, I have got a lot of patterns lately that were bargains and $1 each, some great fabric when I went (only once) to The Fabric Store, and the new Ottobre came last Friday. That is a great issue I have to say and a little pattern is trying to mate with the Fabric Store purchase and become a little dress... but I think that relationship may be doomed. (for now) I also signed up for My Image magazine too I think. I know I thought about it but can't remember if I did ..I'll let you know. 

 This was just before or just after I finished last semester - maybe it was just before and tidying up the room was my avoiding study technique! Embarrassing - no wonder not much sewing gets done!Less caressing fabric and more sewing.
 This is what the sewing/computer room looked like a couple of months ago.  I had to pull lots out to rearrange it and I did. The white craft/sewing table I gave to a friend for a birthday gift as she was sewing on the garden table and I need space for a surprise for me! 
 This is a beach cover up I bought a couple of years ago for $15 but it was cut so low (like nearly to my navel)I couldn't wear it. So I cut a little triangle red scrap and sewed it on with my twin needle and now it is acceptable if I have to drive home in my togs and pick up some milk in a shop!
Did I show you these 72cm x 72cm sq cushions I made with Ikea fabric about 4 months ago? I had bought the cushions about 2 years ago and they were vacuum packed so didn't take up much room but are big - when I opened them it took about 4 weeks for them to puff up fully! Boy I thought they were going to stay flat for about two weeks! There are two heads and two stripes. The kids love to lie on them. Oh, ok me too!

Anyway, not much sewing in the next 8-10 weeks but lots of thoughts of sewing going on here and by the uni workload I don't even know if I can sneak anything in when I'm not looking.