Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cowl - check!

Remember this dress...

Well it was so easy I made another a few weeks after and I only realised that I have a (bad) photo of it. It is very washed out (this new camera does this but I don't know how to adjust it - in the holidays I may remember to work it out). I got it at The Fabric Shop for $8 per metre and it is such a nice fabric a really firm but very fine stretch fabric. It is blue with a very light tan colour (both not my colours but I loved it??) The other day I thought I could make some nice undies out of the scraps. I have heaps left so may make a skirt or top too. 

This is such a great pattern New Look 6154. It can be made in an hour and because it has a centre back seam; is easy to make a sway back adjustment (which I need but did not make. The black dress was $3 per metre and I just wanted to test it so didn't bother. The one below - just too lazy for a throw on dress. This one feels "work" to me and I can wear it with a cardi and have a business coffee with my mentor from uni.
Hee hee - just noticed I'm reading a Spotlight brochure!!!

Speaking of uni... I finished lectures on Thursday and now I have a relaxing (wet) weekend with my son before swat (what does that mean?) week and then 3 exams in three days after a long weekend. My son will be at his Dad's on the long weekend and I got all excited as I thought I could go away to Melbourne with a friend for some shopping, eating and just plain fun but then I realised I would be having my exams.. damn! Next year I'll be finished so that would work out nicely anyway.

My son turned 8 recently and he had a Laserforce party - where his little friends and Dad suited up and lasered each other for a couple of hours. The boys (big and small) really loved it and I made some sushi for snacks and this Darth Vader cake. It's not great but I was under pressure with assignments etc but lets face it - 8 year old boys who are Star Wars MAD did not see a lopsided not quite black out of proportion cake but DARTH VADER! The oohs and aahs were worth it. My sister suggested I should have painted some of the food colouring around the edges to make it stand out - great idea I'll use next time (where was she at 11pm???)


  1. I wish you had some shots of the kids eating the cake! I'm sure they loved it. I really like your dresses. I absolutely love cowls and I think dresses like this are true workhorses in the wardrobe. I have several made from a Butterick pattern and I love that you can smarten them up with a jacket or make them more casual with a cardigan, plus they work with flats and heels. You did well with the pattern placement on the first dress; no motifs in the wrong places!

    1. Hello Carol, Thank you. You know I only just noticed that the placement was good! I didn't even think about it at the time and not even when I put up the photo the first time!
      I'll see if I have a photo of kids eating cake - yes they loved it especially as it was grey and cake coloured inside so that was a surprise also!

  2. I love cowl-necks. They're so feminine and chic. Great cake. My kids identified it straight away!

    1. Thanks Bernice. I'm hoping to make another cowl top in the next few days. I have patterns for knits and wovens. I love them too and so easy!


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