Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a tempter ...and I even impress myself!

I'm finished.... uni that is.. until March next year! Phew what a semester. I also had two court dates in the last 10 days (I'm self litigating a property settlement) so I am exhausted but for now I'm free!!

So this is just a tempter as I said as it is nearly midnight and I'm beat. I started a 5km running programmme... this means I do it on my treadmill (I bought a cheap one a few months ago but haven't really used it much). This is from a programme that Fehr Trade mentioned on her blog a few months (weeks??) ago. Anyway I'm not making any claims about wanting to do a marathon next year or anything ('cause I don't want to) I just want to get my fitness from where it is (passable) to much better. I like swimming so I have a pair of training togs (swimmers) ready to be cut out so I can start swimming again soon. 

Bought at a Thrift shop for $1 recently

But before I can do that I had to make my son a pair of boy leg togs today. It is the big school swimming carnival tomorrow and his team is Mercury which is red. His last togs I made too here - right at the bottom, it's not a good photo but he loves them but they are just getting a little small so I made him a red pair this afternoon. I don't have a pattern (I just cut it off a pair we bought in Cyprus in 2009) and sort of made it up as I went, but the front is lined and when he tried them on this arvo he was thrilled (doing a little Elvis like dance!). But no photos yet - I'll get some tomorrow in action.

Now to the tempter...

This is from 1981 - on envelope it says "sale Bayards" that was a department store here - now closed :(
G. Wagner bought this in Bayards in 1981. Bayards was an old department store here in Brisbane and I loved going in there with my Mum and sisters when we went to town. They had a great fabric department downstairs (I have some fabric from Mum that was bought there - I've just looked at some archives and apparently it specialised in fabric!) It was beautiful... all wood shelves and counters and on the top floor was a huge model train exhibition and I remember buying one of my favourite pairs of shoes there when I was young.

Anyway... back to now.. I have nearly finished this dress tonight in a black and white stripe of about 1 cm width. I was just testing it out really, it was cheap fabric ($4 per metre at Spotlight about 6 months ago - but has a lovely feel but it a bit thin) I don't know much about knits to say what it really is but it's nice. Anyway I'll finish it tomorrow or Saturday and post a photo... and here we come to why I impress myself.. it isn't obvious but the pattern has a seam right down the front but my stripe matching is so good you can't even see there is a seam! Yeah and the dress looks FABULOUS! I could do with a sway back adjustment but I'll show you the pattern piece to see how unusual it is making a sway back adjustment difficult (there is ONE piece and a facing which I'm not going to use). Congratulations and thanks if you've read to here! Phew!