Sunday, February 17, 2013

Office chair makeover - done!

Sad looking office chair! This is my chair from when I was working in STA Travel. I left in May 2000 and about 3 months earlier they got me a really great ergonomic chair after 6 years of waiting; but they did let me have the old one so that was great. It is a quality chair (Sebel) and is still workable but looking very sad and I don't like blue really.


See the little hole - that's my son picking at the foam through the worn out fabric... little tyke!
Perfectly sewn zip busted when trying to fit

Busted zip
 It was not without it's problems... I put in perfect zip only to have it bust when I tried to force the cover over it. I hadn't placed it high enough to let the width of the chair through it. All I had was one of those chunky plastic zips in white that would add that extra length. It was also has a very curvy side that it had to fit but slow and steady got it on perfectly.

New chunky zip - IN
The seat part I cut a bit wider (a bit too wide actually) than the seat pad and sewed a channel around it and put elastic and one of those pull thingys  (is it with a y or ies?)I did this because it will be the seat that will get dirty so I can take it off and wash it if need be.. the original is stapled in, and while I could have done this I chose the 'able to wash it' option.. I do have an 8 year old boy who will also use this chair!
"New" office chair  - done!

Positioned in it's work station in newly painted room.
I am ridiculously pleased with how this turned out. I LOVE it. The fabric was a remnant piece from Spotlight for $2 the other day. I have just enough to make a little 'curtain' for a stand in the toilet that holds the paper and 'women's things' that no one needs to see really so I'll do that tonight. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boring ..... but still exciting for me

Sorry no sewing.. no pictures either. I'm still painting and am bored to death with it. I have painted the kitchen (cupboards still need painting, the study/sewing room and the toilet. Last Saturday when I was just about done with the painting I had a call for a large mirror door wardrobe that I had for sale on Gumtree. I was worried I wouldn't sell it but they took it which was great as this Saturday I am getting wardrobes built in!! I painted the bedroom last year but I couldn't do that wall so I had to do this wall before the cabinet maker comes. 

I can't wait for the wardrobes. What with moving all the stuff around from the kitchen to the sewing room, all out of the sewing room to the kitchen and the toilet stuff on the deck; I feel like one of those hoarder people where you walk around stuff.. not that bad but messy! Since the wardrobe was sold all my stuff is on the floor of my room and my son's little wardrobe was sold a few weeks ago so every room in the house is a mess. This is the first real storage I'll have.. it'll be like a different world. 

The 'before' shot. Next week comes the
I have bought a nice roller blind for the sewing room and kitchen and some fabric to cover my old office chair. I have been planning how to make the most of the limited space in the sewing room/study - I'm really working hard to get it all prepared before I start uni. After some wild storms recently I also had to chop a tree down and tidy some of the garden up too. I've worked hard this holiday!

I have only a week and a half left before I start uni for my last semester. I am excited however because the week that uni starts I go to Sydney with a friend of mine to see Nick Cave with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (stop me if I've said already). It's also my friend's 55th birthday. He used to live in Sydney and we would see bands all the time together; including The Birthday Party(which was Nick Cave's band then)at the Sydney University Refectory on 6 January, 1982! We are very excited - then we go to the Brisbane show on the 8 March too at the River Stage. Great!! Hopefully this weekend the house will transform and I shall sew next week for my trip. Wish me luck!