Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Judgement Reserved.

Sorry, still no sewing, but it will start tomorrow!
I finally finished my court case yesterday with a trial. These sort of things normally get settled way before a trial date but my opponent isn't like this. All the while I have been studying the last three years, I have been in three levels of court. I have learned as much from this as I have from university. If you had said to me 4 years ago that I would have a degree and run 3 separate court cases in the next 4 years well, I would have laughed in your face! As well as doing this I realised today I have painted the whole inside of my house in the holidays so no wonder today I feel incredibly fatigued!Anyway judgement has been reserved and that means the Judge has heard our case, will go and read all the material thoroughly and make her decision. It can't be bad for me but could get really good, which is what I am hoping of course. Either way I gave it a go and did my best. 

However, with these monkeys off my back, I also feel freeeeeeee!
Spring is definitely in the air with temps getting to 30 degrees by the end of the week and lycra will be getting sewn.

What I am excited about is that in the last 4 years I have bought a treadle Singer, an old electric Singer and a coverstitch machine that I have not used yet.... I didn't want to even try as I'd get distracted (shiny things, shiny things) and play with things I had no time to play with. So there is plenty of learning going to happen here soon. I want to make some things for NZ for the end of September because even though it may be hot here, it won't be in Auckland so at least I will be able to use some of those sweater knits I got. I also hope to get some polar fleece wind resistant stuff to make a jacket for my son. Anyone know where to get some in Brisbane or where is the best place online that shipping is cheap? 

The other thing I'd like to try and organise is a sewist meet up in Brisbane. Anyone want to help or contribute ideas, let me know either via the comments of on sofiem@internode.on.net. I'm sure there are bloggers I don't know of in Brisbane so let me know if you know some. Any ideas where to go or when?

So finally I want to say "you'll never, never know, if you don't have a go." That applies to many areas of life, including sewing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This is my haul above....not bad!

This is a pique fabric in a delicious coral colour - the flash has made it a bit lighter... true colour is like on the far right. Two metres @ $8 pm. It is lovely.

This was a little remnant piece for $4 for 1/2 metre. Its an organza with these daisies embroidered on it. I see it as part of a t-shirt.

This is a sweater knit again a bit darker than this but thick and fabulous... nearly 2 metres for $10. This will get made into some sort of warm thing for our holiday in New Zealand in September.

This is a beautiful cotton/rayon that is sheer, fine and look at that sheen. 1 metre @ $8. This will be a floaty summer top.

This is two knit remnants... the dots is only about 50cm/140w but it was only .50cents and it was a trim for the other knit which was $4 for a huge remnant piece  and it has bird cages and is a pretty big print (I've seen this somewhere before but not sure where). I think dress or top with contrast dots..maybe enough for both. 

This is a lovely soft sweater knit and is not so grey but a little pinky in colour. I got 2 metres of this $8 also per metre as I didn't want to not have enough to make a top with long sleeves with it.

This is a nice stretchy cotton mix remnant for $2 I think. Great for just a long sleeve plain t-shirt.

This is hard to see but is two metres of black linen (excellent quality stuff) for $5!!! Bargain... a nice pair of pants?

This is a remnant piece of about 1 metre of stretch cotton.... skirt?

This is a cottony lace that is a little more lime than yellow and I just loved it... $8 for a huge remnant piece... dress for a music festival in Melbourne in October (going to see Television the band!)

And lastly a black net that has these flowers sewn onto it. This was $8 for the remnant piece for about 1 1/2 metres and I'll make either a dress or skirt out of it!....eventually!

Anyone else get there? What did you buy?