Sunday, August 11, 2013


This is my haul above....not bad!

This is a pique fabric in a delicious coral colour - the flash has made it a bit lighter... true colour is like on the far right. Two metres @ $8 pm. It is lovely.

This was a little remnant piece for $4 for 1/2 metre. Its an organza with these daisies embroidered on it. I see it as part of a t-shirt.

This is a sweater knit again a bit darker than this but thick and fabulous... nearly 2 metres for $10. This will get made into some sort of warm thing for our holiday in New Zealand in September.

This is a beautiful cotton/rayon that is sheer, fine and look at that sheen. 1 metre @ $8. This will be a floaty summer top.

This is two knit remnants... the dots is only about 50cm/140w but it was only .50cents and it was a trim for the other knit which was $4 for a huge remnant piece  and it has bird cages and is a pretty big print (I've seen this somewhere before but not sure where). I think dress or top with contrast dots..maybe enough for both. 

This is a lovely soft sweater knit and is not so grey but a little pinky in colour. I got 2 metres of this $8 also per metre as I didn't want to not have enough to make a top with long sleeves with it.

This is a nice stretchy cotton mix remnant for $2 I think. Great for just a long sleeve plain t-shirt.

This is hard to see but is two metres of black linen (excellent quality stuff) for $5!!! Bargain... a nice pair of pants?

This is a remnant piece of about 1 metre of stretch cotton.... skirt?

This is a cottony lace that is a little more lime than yellow and I just loved it... $8 for a huge remnant piece... dress for a music festival in Melbourne in October (going to see Television the band!)

And lastly a black net that has these flowers sewn onto it. This was $8 for the remnant piece for about 1 1/2 metres and I'll make either a dress or skirt out of it!....eventually!

Anyone else get there? What did you buy?


  1. You got some great pieces. I really love the yellow lace. I just posted my haul on my blog.

  2. Lucky you that looks like a great assortment! jealous of the sweater knit- so hard to get nice sweater type knits over here!

    1. Yes it is so hard... I've never seen it before so that's why I snapped it up.

  3. Excellent spoils and such great prices. I nearly made it, but taking a day off work makes the fabric not much of a bargain- maybe next year!

  4. I just saw the haul that Marie bought over at her blog - you two certainly cleaned up. Good find on those sweater knits, that pink and grey fine stripe is particularly lovely

  5. Ooo I love the lime lace. I totally forgot it was on but perhaps a good thing as I'm trying to be frugal at the moment. Please give a heads up next time though!


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