Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Special" Morning Tea

Last Friday I went to morning tea at Parliament House (of the Queensland government) Brisbane. No, I don't have connections or special invite by the Premier - anyone can go. My friend who does a lot of work with government said one day he'd had morning tea at Parliament House... I thought he was skiting but he said it wasn't with work but it was open to the public. So we made a date and finally it came up. A few dates in the year are deemed 'special' where it is more expensive and you get a glass of bubbles and a classical string duo played which was really lovely. We went on a day that was deemed special because of the Queens Birthday (don't ask me why it was in October) or maybe it was for May Day (Labour day) that was moved to October so that holidays could be well distributed throughout the year. It was fun with very solid silver milk and sugar pot, lovely china and lots of treats. To be honest, the food was average quality which was disappointing. The day we went Sofie Formica was filming a segment for The Great South East a television program telling the people of south east Queensland about what is happening around our special corner of Queensland. There is also an included tour of the house if you care to partake, which I did. I have been before in primary school and another time a few years ago. Here's the link if you are interested.

I had planned on making a dress (half made now) but going to Sydney put that idea off. I still haven't had time to photograph that top, but I have cut out some pj's, some togs (swimmers) for Alex and another top.  

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