Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Strawberry dress done.

The strawberry dress is finally done.

 I started in November (I can't believe it took me this long to finish it). I stalled as I firstly needed to put in the casing for the elastic - I made a bias strip, ironed it and sewed it into the inside, threaded the elastic, added another 8cm band on the bottom as I wasn't happy with the length and only had to put the snaps on. Today I sewed the elastic down and put the snaps in. I decided against buttons as the automatic button holer on my machine is temperamental and I didn't want to make 10 button holes with the thought that only some would work out.

I had an issue with the fitting around the bust/arm area and I had some tips in the comments and I used these and the fit is much better. (if you check the link at the beginning of the post, you will see the issue and the comments).  Oh I just remembered the reason why I stalled.... I had a problem with getting the collar on well. I used Sherry's tutorial the second time round and is a lot better but not perfect (the tutorial was perfect however, sorry for not having the time to get the link).

Sorry for not posting photos of me in it, but it is still 28 degrees here and with my 'time of life' issue, I am just too hot to wear it. It fits well but for some reason, despite being covered in happy strawberries, it screams uniform to me! I also don't like the collar as I think it overwhelmes me (or that's how I feel) and sits funny (imo) so I may cut it off and change that part somehow. I do like it though and think it will be a good autumn dress. I'll try and comb my hair and take a photo with it on. I am off to pick up my son from "knight school" and then we are off to the Flipside Circus at the Judith Wright Centre! (


  1. The strawberries are cute. I can see the uniform vibe....perhaps if you wear it with outrageously coloured stockings and cute shoes? That would definitely need to wait for winter though.

  2. It is a cute dress, but I can see what you mean. A nice belt perhaps and strappy sandals. I love the aqua wall behind the dress :)

  3. The fabric is adorable! I think the "uniform" look may be due to it being a shirt dress, but with this cheerful and pretty fabric I think it looks lovely, and not so uniform-y. :)


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