Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Style Arc Alisha dress photos

I won some tickets to a show at the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Complex) - Wizard of the Keys where  piano virtuoso Behzod Abduraimov  played Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 3  - he is only 24 and was sensational - not that I'm any specialist, but he did get three standing ovations! So, as I don't get the opportunity to get out to special events often I took the opportunity to wear the Style Arc Alisha dress I made for the wedding in early May. I didn't manage to get a single photo of the dress on that night so I took the opportunity to get some photos. My friend took them with her phone and they are a bit washed out but really nice photos.

I wore it with my Burda coat I made (actually for the photo taking friend's wedding in April 2009).
Below without the coat showing off the lovely fabric. The lining, which I know you can't see, is a synthetic but superb quality (a Daniel Lightfoot - Brisbane designer of long ago who made/makes beautiful gowns etc) and feels lovely on.

The back of the dress... I love the way the back stays open and the collar stands up - although mine isn't standing on one side here. Here you can see how much my right shoulder has dropped after some injuries and I really should have adjusted that. You can notice the seams in this overexposed photo but in real life you can't see it and it is more gun metal grey than blue grey like it appears on my laptop.

Wearing the dress again has made me think it out more. I didn't put sleeves on and I think I should have cut the armscye in a bit more. I also think that the bust line is high on Style Arc patterns (and I have 50 year old boobs) and I found this on the Rosie top too. I think in the comments Gabrielle of Up Sew Late mentioned that the bust line should be lowered and I didn't take any notice change it and now it looks high. It's hard to see the seam line across the bust in these photos but being a bit high and needing new bras makes it look bad. However, it is still a lovely dress to wear and we had a lot of fun...and as two tired Mums, we didn't even fall asleep!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I finally got round to getting some labels. I got 50 from Name Tapes and Labels through nothing other than I got sick of looking at label sites and just ordered. They were pretty reasonable (50 for about $25? can't find the receipt right now) and were quick to deliver. I think it was 10 days from ordering. They are woven - dark grey with silver. I wanted something that was neutral so I could put it on t-shirts etc for me but also on my son's clothing. I can fold them and put them in the seam so they are more a tag but I will rarely put them in clothing. I don't like labels in clothing and will always rip it out (so will my son). If I need a hanging tag I will use cotton twill take which is soft and not scratchy. What do you think? I'm not sure about the sewing machine on it now.. a bit twee?

Also big thank you for all the encouraging and very complimentary comments regarding my me-made smalls. I can see lots more in my future. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Undies, grundies, smalls, intimates, unmentionables...whatever you call them

Whatever you call them, I made them finally. I have been putting off buying undies because I can make them but I haven't ever made any before and was nervous about it. Why ever so???? It is so easy. My impetus was finding Kwik Sew 1484 at the Salvo Thrift Shop a few weeks ago. I had a free day yesterday and wanted to sew but had to have a win... I've not been too happy with my fitting lately and have been putting off sewing stuff although I know what I want to make.

The first pair I made with fabric leftovers from a Fabric Store buy that I made a bias cowl dress (don't know if I blogged it) and I made them in size Medium and they a bit too big so the next two I made in a small size and they are perfect. The sheer flowery fabric was $2 at the Fabric Store a while ago and I only bought a metre because I like the colours and wasn't sure what to make from it, the other is like a tightly knit but fine power mesh (but it's not mesh - if that makes sense) perfect for undies. I had all the elastic from a bag I bought at Big W in the city years ago and there was a few different types. The gusset was made from old cotton t-shirts and were perfect for the job.

I'm really happy with these and I feel like I've had a win. I really want to start making my own bras so maybe this is the start of my lingerie making! Do you make your own undies, if not, why not!