Saturday, June 14, 2014


I finally got round to getting some labels. I got 50 from Name Tapes and Labels through nothing other than I got sick of looking at label sites and just ordered. They were pretty reasonable (50 for about $25? can't find the receipt right now) and were quick to deliver. I think it was 10 days from ordering. They are woven - dark grey with silver. I wanted something that was neutral so I could put it on t-shirts etc for me but also on my son's clothing. I can fold them and put them in the seam so they are more a tag but I will rarely put them in clothing. I don't like labels in clothing and will always rip it out (so will my son). If I need a hanging tag I will use cotton twill take which is soft and not scratchy. What do you think? I'm not sure about the sewing machine on it now.. a bit twee?

Also big thank you for all the encouraging and very complimentary comments regarding my me-made smalls. I can see lots more in my future. 


  1. I love the sewing machine. Is the fabric of the labels scratchy? I always rip out the labels too as they annoy me but was looking at buying some to put in my sewing (go figure). Sounds like we have the same dislike of the scratch.

  2. I think they are brilliant ~ the machine looks most appropriate! I'm also a label cutter ~ they are large, bulky and scratchy. And some sneaky manufacturers are even putting an extra one in side seams now ... both get the chop from me ... J

  3. Love the sewing machine on them.. so cute.. I too, cut out the scratchy labels.

  4. Love your labels. I must get some too. Good to hear that your experience with Name Tapes and Labels was a good one


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