Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition

I'm back from Melbourne and doing some great things. I saw Nick Cave on Thursday night and as ever he was great if you like that sort of thing. On Friday I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria, it too was great.

It was a great exhibition. There is a large body of work's probably one of the best exhibitions I've seen. I recently saw the Undressed exhibition in Queensland Museum and I wasn't that impressed. It was small and all the exhibits were behind glass and the lighting I thought was poor (others made comments in the visitors book too, so I wasn't alone there). Admittedly the underwear exhibits are much older, but it was hard to see details. The Gaultier exhibition was all uncovered, with many rooms in different themes with many, many exhibits. You were permitted photos with no flash and could get right up close - but naturally not touch. I spoke with a guard there who was writing a report, in great detail, when someone could not resist touching one of the exhibits!

The display models had flat faces with the details projected on them with voice overs - Jean Paul greets you to the exhibition and also waves you off at the end - which I thought was quite nice. You really get a sense of the designer when he introduces his exhibition. I was thoroughly impressed. I wasn't impressed with the merchandise - pretty plain t-shirt for $180 or so - wonder how many they sell!

I took lots of photos and I'll put them up in two or three posts. If you can get to see this exhibition - GO, it's so very worth it. If you can't I hope you enjoy these photos - I took some detail shots too to show the work involved and some of the blurb telling how many hours it took to make some of the outfits.

Close up of the ruching for the following dress gown.

The ruched gown back with Jean Paul in the background in the kilt.

This gold jumpsuit was worn by Beyoncé
There were outfits there made for Sarah-Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue and her shows, Madonna and her shows of course, for the Spanish director (one of my favourites) Pedro Almodovar and many more I can't remember. More soon. Enjoy.

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