Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fabric Sale - MELBOURNE

I've just come across a fabric sale that is in Melbourne on Saturday 18 April. Below are the details from where they have a list of fabric shops in Brisbane and surrounds and also through the rest of Queensland and the other states. I'm sure if you live in Melbourne you are aware of Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design, but I'd never heard of them before. The list of fabric shops in and around Brisbane is very comprehensive and there are some I have not heard of before.

Massive Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale  April 18th – Open Direct to the Public

One Day Only – Saturday 18th April  from 9.30 am until 3.30pm.
5 Marriott Street, Oakleigh. (off Dandenong Road ) ( the building does not have an obvious sign –  with only a small sign in window that reads “ Christopher George”)
Fabrics at wholesale prices – ALL imported direct from ITALY….
Linens – $5.00 p/m
Denims – $6.00 p/m (varying weights and stretch)
Silks – $5.00 p/m ( varying lengths on rolls and assorted prints)
Knits – $4.00 p/m ( mercerised strips and assorted plains/marle)
Wools – $8.00 p/m ( varying weights)
Plus stacks of other assorted fabrics still in this price range. Adriana has told me that there have been deliveries of new fabrics yet again. !!!!!

Anyway these are the details.... sounds fantastic. Lucky I'm not going... If you go please let me know what you get. Have you heard of Designer Stitch or the local fabric shops?

And just so this is not a post with no photos, I'll show you some of what I bought at the Alanna Hill Outlet shop in Melbourne when I went in December.

This is a lovely, very fine crepe like silk with beads on it. The brown isn't me but I couldn't resist it and I will make a little top out of it. It was only $10 per metre and I only bought 1 metre.

It was on the roll wrapped with tissue paper and that's how I'm storing it too (not for long I hope).

I also bought this lovely zip which is a separating satin zip with a lovely flower pull tab. I also bought the jumbo snaps that were covered with either red, silver or pink satin. Then some mirror buttons in different shapes (these I want to make a shirt with a different shape in each button hole) and some little buttons with a 'diamond' in the middle and some little smokey glass buttons. The silver ones on the bottom right are metal buttons and I got 2 large ones and 10 small ones. All the buttons were 10 for $2 and the zip was $1. I also got a heat transfer of a heart shaped out of little rhinestones. I hope to make a t-shirt and put that on. I also bought a knit that was double sided stripes - one really narrow and the other side about 1cm, in navy and grey I think.

This gorgeous (out of focus) fabric was picked up on our road trip last September at an op shop in Tamworth. It's gorgeous (and a vintage designer fabric... although I'm not into that really) and I think there is about 1.5 metres. If I have enough I may try to make a jacket or maybe a shift dress.

Have you bought anything lately?


  1. Couple of nice fabrics you have purchased there. Glad I am not in Melbourne otherwise I would need to go and spend up big.

  2. I really love your collection of sewing notions - the zip is amazing, and you will do so much with the pretty buttons. The two pieces of fabric are very special and unique.

  3. Hi SDT. Ann here from Designer Stitch in Melbourne. Thanks for posting all the details re: the Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale. This is the 3rd in a series of sales over the last 18 months. I have worked in the rag trade for over 30 years so have loads of contacts that I can draw on - hence the access to this wholesaler. I have also been teaching in the fashion education field for also @30 years - so being able to offer fabulous fabric sources to all my E-Alert mailing list (4000 +) is great for everyone. The sale has attracted people who have flown in for the day -from SA right through to Sydney. If you join my mailing list at you will be advised of any and all forthcoming sales -you just may come down for a "Fabric visit ". Cheerio and Kind Regards. Ann from Designer Stitch

  4. What a lovely enabling post. I am glad I'm not in Melbourne, this would be terrible for my fabric diet.
    I love your Alannah Hill fabrics. I bought 2 of those flower zips when I was there last October (and maybe some chiffon I didn't really can see the reason for the fabric diet.. - maybe we can be zipper twins at the next high tea ;)

    1. Now there's a challenge! My fabric stash needs no help at the moment and so also glad (sadly) that I am not in Melbourne today also.


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