Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kwik Sew

So recently Spotlight had Kwik Sew patterns - 3 for the price of 1. I don't really need any patterns as I have plenty but some took my fancy and I'm keen to sew some up.

I have been really liking the waterfall jackets... I have a Butterick pattern (not mentioned yet but brought over from the US with a friend... that's another post though), a New Look cut out and I liked the length of this Kwik Sew one too. I was seduced by Kristy's beautiful version of the jacket on the right. Don't expect to see it fitting me so perfectly but it looks nice and easy and it's a bit different and a bit timeless too.

I was thinking of sailor type pants but when I saw this shorts pattern, I thought I could make them up and see if they suit and I may be able to lengthen the legs and not have to trace out a Burda one. Not sure how KS patterns fit me as I've only made a dress a while ago now. I have these cut out from a leftover piece that was not enough for anything else so I'm glad I could do that.  If nothing else I can use the shorts for the beach this summer.  The swimsuit and dress, I bought for my sister. She had some physical restrictions and needs some swimwear but I think it will be easier for her to get on and off.... these aren't urgent but needed in the future.

This jacket, is not really waterfall but I liked it as it was shorter. I have it cut out of some black wool crepey type knit that I bought in two pieces at Darn Cheap fabrics in Melbourne earlier in the year, but it was proving to be a waste because I couldn't get anything out of it, but I can get this pattern out of it so I'm so pleased... that'll be made up in the next few days I hope so I can get some use out of it. It's spring here which is normally hot; and it has been warm in the day but the morning is cool and the air con at work is a killer too, so this will be useful.

These are skort and skirt pattern... really just because it was cheap and my niece likes this style so she might get one! I liked the dress too but the only review I read didn't give it a good wrap, and I read it after I bought it... still think it will be a nice dress in linen and I bought some really cheap ($2 per metre) at Darn Cheap too.

These I bought to have on hand and to make some for my niece and sister when I get time. I'll try and get some supplex to make these up. No hurry there either. I just realised I have no new thing to wear to Frocktails this week either... I have a dress cut out so hopefully I'll get some time during the week and on Saturday morning... better get on with it then.


  1. Great buys! I really like Kwik Sew patterns, I seem to get good results from them. Good luck making all of these up, you got quite a haul!

  2. I love that swim suit pattern! As soon as I finish sewing my "have to's", I want to sew myself a new suit.

  3. I never used to look at Kwik Sew, but they are really good patterns, once you look past the rather boring envelope pattern. Never disappointed. Looking forward to seeing these made up one day.


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