Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Destash to Restash!

Have you heard of this Destash to Restash fair? I hadn't but some someone brought it to my attention recently and I'm pretty glad. I had been planning on taking my patterns to the suitcase rummages that go on a few times a year but they are on Sundays which were our family day with Dad and so I could never go. I have a week off this week and booked a table and have been busy getting my vintage pattern collection ready to sell. I have hundreds and I have enjoyed looking at them and dreaming but the fabric and patterns are out of control and I need to get them to homes that will let them get used and loved again. I also have some really fantastic buttons that a friend who scours garage sales presented to me about 6 months ago and some lovely fabrics that I love but know I won't wear.

Just to give you an idea, my sewing room is about 2 metres x 4 metres... with a large ikea square shelf thing, a metre long computer desk, a long two drawer table that my machines sit on and a treadle machine. Then there are 4 tubs of fabric and another tub of patterns.... there is no room to  feel relaxed and the mess is distracting.  

I hope you can come along and have a look. I hope I don't restash... 


  1. Stash can certainly take over the space in a house, but it can also overwhelm and clutter the mind. Hopefully you will find new homes for some of your patterns - we do tend to hold onto patterns we will never use again. Good luck...

  2. Yes Sarah Liz you are so right. After the last two years being so time poor with starting full time work and Dad in the nursing home everything has been put off. I'm try to clear and unclutter the house and mind.

  3. Now that sounds fabulous!!!

  4. Sounds great wish I was in Brisbane. I must say I have been feeling cluttered by my patterns and fabric. It is so overwhelming and frustrating when you are time poor. Good luck


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