Friday, June 16, 2017

Making all the things... and a city surprise!

Well after working out I had nothing to wear and making stuff for my niece, I've found a real sewing mojo I haven't had for a while. This is just a teaser post really, as I haven't any photos of most of the stuff I've made. 

So first up is this Vogue basic design pattern I made last Saturday (as well as a skirt). It's a boxy, 2 piece pattern... I made D - in the cow pattern and headless red one. I made it out of a remnant piece of wool knit stuff that is in a mushroom colour. I have been trying to use this piece of fabric for about 5 years but it was not enough for anything. I'd played tetris with this pattern before but this time I made it work. If you can see, the pattern starts at a 14... I have the tiniest shoulders and this looks like I have my big sister's top on. It's comfy and warm though... I've worn it twice already. Goes so well with the skirt I made. No photo of the skirt yet though. 

The other thing I've nearly finished is a bodysuit! I can't believe I found this pattern at a sewing shop for $1. Three styles too... I used to wear a bodysuit in the 90's. I remember travelling on a motorcycle in the UK in 1992 wearing beautiful dark grey one. No tucking in and it kept your back warm. This was the trip where I started saying "the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in Scotland"! I've got style 3 together. I just need to put the snaps on, elastic around the legs and some binding. That's made out of a scrap of fabric bought for .50c from the fabric sale I go to.

These are the snaps. They are from the '80s when I did a short course on sewing lingerie. I'll find the unfinished (see snaps above) teddy thing to show you.... funny that's all I need to do on it... why didn't I ever finish it?? They need a wash but they've they've been kicking around for years :)

I also made another merino scarf for my niece. I got this gorgeous teal merino remnant from aforementioned fabric sale for $1 people!! It is really lovely but just not my colour. Nothing too complex here - cut it the width she wanted and then french seam the ends for an infinity scarf.  I think there is enough to make her another singlet top when I find the pattern I've made for it. I've also finished the dress I was finishing for her - just needs hemming but I dropped the pin that marked where she wanted it so I have to wait for her to come over. I'll finish that when she's here.

 I made an ivory coloured top from this pattern. Round neck version as the V neck isn't in the pattern envelope. It's a great simple pattern that fits me really well around the shoulders. This will go with a lot of things but I wore it with the polka dot (see previous post) New Look  6459 culottes. They fit perfectly after finally getting the waistband on, and I really love them but they have a sad story that I'll tell you next time. I've also made two Style Arc Halle Skirts and a skirt from some really special ruffle fabric (fabric sale again) that was a very quick make but no photos yet. It's rained all week and I've been home 4 days... most of that time not well enough to sew, but some was snuck in.

I've not only making fabric things, but food things too!

These are my corn fritters on a bed of rocket. I make these for breakfast and then we have them for lunch boxes.. if they last. I use corn meal instead of any flour (we aren't gluten intolerant, I just like it).

Then made some fantastic cinnamon buns. We love cinnamon buns. The recipe is from Minimalist Baker. I've used a few of her recipes and they are good. I haven't made these vegan as she has but everything she makes that I've tried is really good.

I also made gnocchi for the first time. It took about 10 minutes and was divine. Soft little pillows of ricotta, eggs and flour.

I made my standard tomato salsa (I use this for tomato soup base, Neapolitan sauce for pasta and added a bit of cream for this gnocchi. This is just fresh tomatoes, garlic and lots of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. If I don't have all fresh tomatoes (rare), I'll use canned, or if I only have a few fresh tomatoes I'll add a big dollop of tomato paste. To make it soup, I just add stock. This is our favourite soup.. takes 20 minutes and tastes sensational.

Tossed in some fresh basil leaves and a grating of Romano cheese and delicious. So the last couple of weeks have been very productive. I'll get photos of my finished sewing soon.  Oh, I nearly forgot the city surprise....

At my bus stop in town, I have seen this plaque for years but never looked at it closely. It's hard to read but it's called "Still Life with Reclining Bus Ticket". Have a closer look... there's the bus ticket reclining on the vase. The vase is resting on a Singer treadle sewing machine! It's a real reflection of Brisbane life... the Hills Hoist  (clothes line) through the window, with the Story Bridge in the background. A real city surprise!

(Thanks for reading this long, long post.)