Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It got one wear at least...

I got these patterns last year from my friend in the US. I finally made the waterfall coat from some delicious raspberry wool. This is from the fabric sale I go to... $4 per meter!!! It is a bit fuzzy on one side and shiny and smooth on the other. It is beautiful and soft and perfect for this jacket. I just got rid of my wool coat I bought about 25 years ago. Sounds like eons, but in Brisbane it got worn only on cold days when I was going out, it got a lot of wear when I bought it but mostly for going into and back from work, so really not a lot of wear on a day to day basis. I saw it had worn through a couple of months ago so time to go. Don't get me wrong, I knew it had to go years ago but I wasn't working for 12 years so wasn't budget for it or real need either.

It seems all my photos will be in the work lift. Sorry I know they are terrible but I just don't have a good photo set up or the time (mostly no inclination). I had my backpack and walking shoes on. I messed up the dart in the front of the shoulder on one side. Nothing you'd notice but it just slightly puts the waterfall of the front out (not that you see it in this photo with the backpack on). I think I'll put some shoulder pads in it though. I have tiny shoulders and I made this a 12 I think so I could layer under it but I should have made the 10. I was surprised there were no pockets in this pattern so I added lovely deep ones. I have only worn it once. I was the hottest winter here with the average temperature being 26 degrees (ha so not winter) so by the time I got to it, it was too hot. Next year I'll see it I need to add a belt as it kind of swishes about. I'll need to wear it more.

I also wore the New Look 6549 pants and the Simplicity 9437 top to work for casual Friday. I got a lot of compliments for the pants. It's a really great pattern with the perfect amount of flare for me... I get a little overwhelmed with too much fabric swishing about my legs. I'm a fast walker so I feel like the fabric will get trapped in my legs and trip me over... probably not likely but that's how it feels.
The top is a great basic pattern that is quick to make and the fabric would make it look different. I have some small cuts of silk that I'll try and make up for a work 'uniform'. Some more of these pants too. I think I'll hem the top a little sorter though.. I like a top to finish at my hip bone.