Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This and that and getting something I've wanted.

There was a little op shop having a sewing stuff sale and I went to it. Really, I do not need anything sewing, but I did buy a few things. A few patterns... why, oh  why.. I have hundreds I want to sell off. I did buy this elastic above for $1. It has a little sticker saying it's old and to be used for bunting but I used it for undies anyway. It's still in excellent condition. There was a red and a another colour too and I wish now I had bought all three.

 I made two pairs. One from a scrap of stretchy satin and the checked one was leftovers from a dress I made a few years ago and it's nice and fine but has a great stretch. It's from The Fabric Store (and I still have some left maybe enough for a top). I used some teal merino scraps for the gusset.

I used the undies from the Noelle set by Madalynne. I used the top for this pattern for some togs for my sister  for Christmas but I didn't use the undies pattern (I used a McCalls one). This is a high waisted panty b

This is a high waisted panty pattern but to fit my shortish body, I had to shorten from the top about 5 cms. This has resulted in a great pattern for me. I will change it to make it the gusset concealed seams but for these two I just wanted to test the fit.

These two $2 things above I bought at Big W. I pulled that too big bra apart for the nice coloured elastics and finding and I think I can cut the cup down to fit too. I will use the silver pleather for trim. Can't buy that much for $2... shame though as it was a cute skirt... I don't know any girls this would fit.

Other thing I've been obsessing about is making my own sourdough bread. I usually buy a great spelt sourdough bread but it's $8 and I'm sick of paying that much. It's a bit of work making the starter.. .well it's not hard but you need to 'feed' it twice a day for 10 days. I wasn't terribly diligent about it and I made 2 at the same time.  Then I mixed it up last night and left it overnight to prove - result above. Pretty good. Then you turn it over a couple of times and let it sit for 30 minutes. When that's done you turn the over on to really hot and put in your bread making vessel.

When the vessel has been in the over for 30 min, take it out and put the bread dough in, slash the top and pop the lid on and put into the hot oven for 30 min, take the lid off and cook another 15 min.

Ta da!

And cut open... nice crumb and lots of holes. It's not very sour but I think that builds up with the starter getting more mature. It is yum. What I love is no knead. You kind of turn it over a few times but it's not kneading. I'm really pleased and the flour only cost me $3 so it's a win. Onto my next win.

I bought a new to me machine. It was a bargain at $250. It looks brand new and has no fluff inside and looks like it has done minimal work. As I was happily walking out to the car, the lady selling it said "do you want an overlocker too?".  Of course I did. It's an old Janome Diff feed model and now I'm going to give my sister's to her daughter. Now I have so many machines I'm going to sell all the surplus ones. Just have two (or three maybe) and then use the funds to get a service and parts for the Bernina overlocker/coverstich I got a while ago for a better bargain even. (Elna cam sewing machine and Bernina overlocker/coverstitch for $100 - I just played with the Elna today ...sews like a dream).

What about you, get any great bargains?