Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas - catch up

Merry Christmas all! Hope you all had a great festive season and are enjoying holidays still. I'm back at work tomorrow for a bit but we also have some holidays coming up soon too. I'm going to run through the last few things I've made. Some for gifts and some for me. Some were made a couple of months ago and some just yesterday, but in the interests of documenting what I've made and getting it done, this is a bit of a dump. I know there is one dress I haven't finished yet and also a skirt I don't think I have a photo of. The skirt is just a purple ponte knit skirt in an a line shape. Quite useful and when I do get photos I'll show how I've put the waistband on. Better way than the stitch and flip on the grey skirt below.

I finished up the last two purse from the lambskin leather I bought last year. I do have a clutch purse I've prepped and couldn't find, but my treat to myself was to tidy (and find the floor) of my super small sewing room on Christmas eve and I found the prepped pieces. So that will be sewn up for a friend later today hopefully.

I found this pants pattern at the op shop and reminded me of a pattern that had lots of beach wear options and I made the same pants for my pregnancy with some modifications.  They really are a 1 hour sew ...very easy.

I made them from a denim tencel remnant for a friend who lives over the road from the beach. I was debating whether to leave them plain or with little bobbles, big bobbles (not shown) or the lacy stuff. I think the lacy stuff is a bit juvenile ... I like the little bobbles, but what do you think? I'm really not sure.

This is the Japanese drape pattern book one piece t-shirt that everyone made about 8 years ago. It's been cut out for about 3 at least and in my finish all the UFOs it got made up. I think I fill it out a bit too much to show the drape, but I was surprised how nicely it did fit. It's made up of a remnant of lovely cotton (it could be bamboo?) knit that was op shop bought years ago. This isn't really my colour though so thought it was a good one to test. I'd change the pattern a bit if I made it again - like widen it out at the hips a bit.

This skirt is also made from a remnant. It's double sided with a darker charcoal on the other side but no matter how I tried I couldn't get a short waterfall jumper out of it so a skirt it was. This is the stitch and flip elastic which isn't as nice a the band on the other knit skirt not yet shown, but it was a super quick sew and a perfect work skirt. What a great flounce!

This photo shows the darker colour too and the just cut edge.

This is the worst photo, but my drowned rat look of the rashie set used for aqua aerobics. I wear a sports bra underneath. I feel like I'm wearing pjs in this paisley and not sure it's not a bit too little girl, but I get many compliments on it and it will wear out quickly enough anyway. I also really dislike dark, dark colours for rashies as it makes it doubly hot.

These are some shorts I made from a remnant also for a little girl.  I had these beads in my drawer an thought they added a nice touch.  This is a lovely rayon but it did run a bit (from Spotlight).

Pattern is below. One I bought at the local church op shop. It's great for a little girl pattern and super quick to make. I've got two little girls I've sewn for this year. I love sewing for little girls. They love that you made it for them and I'm hoping to interest them in the sewing too!

This is the dress that's not finished. Made of two pieces of remnant rayon I bought at Spotlight.. not my favourite colours but good to test a Burda pattern. This is a little label I made for myself with my Bernina sewing machine. Not that I don't know who I am and there is no one else here who wears dresses but you know, it was a practice run of the letters on the machine.

On my last day at work before Christmas, I hopped on the bus and it was done up with angels! It was such a lovely surprise and a lot of work. The buses here have a competition for best decorated bus but this is only the 2nd time I've been on one!

Our over done Christmas lunch buffet. The dessert buffet was nearly as big too. We are still eating it! But delicious and sure beats cooking again and again!

I realised I hadn't gotten my friend's husband a gift. Another remnant that I originally thought would be a shirt for Alex but he didn't like it... what's not to like. Lovely cotton and SHARKS! Anyway this the husband of the friend who lives across the road from the beach so perfect. I can't work out how to do the button holes on the Bernina yet so the fly is operational but the buttons are sewn through both layers at this point unless I figure it out and change it later.

This is the pattern I used. It's a on piece pattern and it whips up in an hour including cutting out. It was an op shop find but I think it's still available and it is very useful as it comes in all sizes. I made all of Alex's sleep shorts using this pattern.  I also lengthened it and made a friend of mine a long pair for slouching pants (without the fly) out of some rayon I bought on sale at Spotlight 6 months ago. It was black with small skulls all over... perfect for my friend. They were gifted on Christmas day with no elastic and no hemming as I needed him to fit them, but wanted to give them to him on the day. Anyway he'll come over for a finish up and a coffee in the next few days.  I'll try and get a photo.  

 This the a jumpsuit made from the pattern below. It's for a dress, but I sewed up the top and the shorts and joined them. Instant jumpsuit. Cherry rayon bought from Janie's online fabric shop; I bought this a couple of years ago with some other rayon. The prices are right but this one the red ran and I had to colour remove it, and the other rayon was old and when I work the New Look culottes, they torn about 20cm down the leg. Not happy after all the work. Not sure I'd buy there ever again.

This pattern was bought at the church op shop too... just a few weeks ago and it came at the perfect time for 8-10 year old girls I sew for. I only have patterns for little girls so that was a lucky score.

Now relaxing finally watching the rerun of Spicks and Specks Reunion show with my new plastic gift Birkenstocks for my aqua. Love them! Lucky me. (there's some red linen that may become a Ogden cami copy dress)

Thanks to all for reading, commenting and supporting our love of sewing. It really is appreciated. (oh and I still cannot work out how to reinstate my google to comment on blogs so I'm saying stuff it just won't let me comment!)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

New rashie and a gift

I've made a new rashie set again from McCall's 7417. Usually I've made the shorter rashie twice before and I add a band (I'm short waisted so it fits to my waist like this). I wasn't paying any notice and realised I cut the long one and then only had enough fabric for the shorter pants. I have just scraps left now... maybe enough for a kiddy bikini triangle top but not pants. I bought a metre of this fabric from East Coast Fabrics for $15. It's  a lovely lycra and one of the heavier ones. I bought two more at the same time (July school holidays) but they are a thinner lycra so I'll see how that sews up soon enough.

 You can just see the seam lines above. I have some mint coloured lycra and thought I'd make some 'piping' but in the end I didn't have enough time. My last spotty rashie (did I even show that one? or take a photo of it even? Now it's faded and nearly dead). I always put bands on the sleeves and on the waist of the shorter one but the hem on this one was just done on the coverstitch.

I put a band on the pants too. Just sewed up with zig zag and as I couldn't find my rubber elastic I just used some I got at Aldi. The key to the elastic if it's the covered stuff, is that it shouldn't narrow when you stretch it. This was nice quality and the right width. 

When I cut the band, I put elastic in the middle of the band and sew it on, then fold the band and sew it on the pants (with the overlocker) with the zig zag stitch facing the inside. This keeps the waist band firm and secure. I made the size medium and the top is a bit wide at the hips (that's new!) and the pants are also not as firm fitting as I'd like but they are good overall. I do admit that I feel like I'm wearing pyjamas due to the print/colour but I do like the set a lot... perfect for aqua aerobics with a sports bra on. Also I get sick of trying to put the sunscreen on my back!

I also made up a little zip purse for a friend's sister. This was promised 12 months ago. This narrow piece was leftover from a cushion cover said friend asked me to make for her sister for Christmas last year. This scrap was left over and I said I'd make something up with the scrap. I was looking for something else (still not found - leather prepped for a gift for another friend) and I found this so whipped it up.

It's not perfect as the fabric was so twisted up and skewed (the whole piece my friend bought was printed off grain - I would have returned it... well, I probably wouldn't have bought it actually - due to skew and I'm not a Dr Who fan).

The lining is from a dress I made about 10 years ago and the last tiny scrap made a secret surprise pocket! I know my friend's sister will love this even though it's not perfect.I've got some Christmas things I'd like to make but not sure how much I'll get done. Anyone doing Christmas sewing? What are you making?