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Singer 66

This is my "new" sewing machine! Isn't she beautiful. I'm so excited! This is the same model machine that I learned to sew on and I think I made my first shirred dress when I was 10 in Grade 7! I have a photo somewhere.

I haven't had time to blog about it, but I went (November last year) to an Australian Sewing Guild meeting in my area. Now where have they been hiding as I have lived in this area since I was 8 so that is 42 years and sewn for 27 of those (well more if you count sewing on the Singer 66) but I had never heard of their meetings.

Anyway I went expecting about half a dozen people but there was about 35 women there, mostly older, but all doing some sewing or sewing crafty stuff and it was great. They have shared afternoon tea and also do a swap. People bring in fabric, books, magazines, patterns etc they aren't going to use and you take what you want.

I got a lovely piece of fabric that I am pretty sure is silk, a cowl neck top pattern and some magazi…

Eight Years.

Thanks for the best 8 years! Love you my little boy.

My baby is here!

Just a teaser... my baby is here but I haven't got any photos yet! I'm SO excited. I'll post photos in the next few days. This is my son making chocolate crackles for a friend's birthday party. I don't have any sewing photos you haven't seen!

I've finished that assignment for Monday last and had two exams yesterday.. phew but what a morning... I haven't had that much stress for ages. 

9am start, my son wasn't keen for another early morning and he was going to my Mum's. When he was having breakfast he swung his arm down quickly and bumped (smashed) his elbow on the table. He was a bit shocked and going "ouch" and then he suddenly got up and walked a few steps and then fell to the floor, then suddenly burst into tears and said "how did I get on the floor, Mum?". He had passed out and bumped his head on the stove. So then had to comfort him and then rush out. I didn't even have time to get out and tell my Mum what happened. I …


That of course means something to anyone who has studied. I have a paper due tomorrow so of course I must clean the kitchen window sill, mop that floor, take apart a sewing machine that isn't working well (full of ants ... does that matter?), tidy my sewing/computer room, rearrange my son's room and a gazillion other things to avoid doing what I have to do anyway.

So in the interest of one last avoidance at 9.30pm (really?!), before I sit for hours here I thought I should post about some recent patterns I have picked up (weeks ago really). I've gotten heaps of Kwik Sew and some vintage ones but I haven't got time to photograph them but I will soon. 

I also found some pattern books like the Topkids Carolyn likes to use and some Knitwit books that have great knit sewing tips.

The Kwik Sew one is just good basic tops, the Butterick is from the '70s from memory and the Givenchy, well is Givenchy! Does anyone know if the Knitwit books came with patterns. They sort of make …

Getting to know me.

I found a cute little blog from Tasmania today Ladybugg Love and there is a great post about a 50's cafe in Deloraine. Wish it was close, we'd go straight away! There is a question and answers list and thought it would be cute to post it and pass it on.

Getting to Know Me

1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up......
 Hee hee, my computer (Apple) printer, sewing machines, ironing board, sewing table and all my uni stuff I should be doing instead. (It's Easter Sunday so I'm giving myself a break)

 2. How do you style your hair?
I wouldn't call it styled....
I either use a clip or one of those claw things that open and close (what are they called?) and put it up but I am fussy and only use the clips that are made in France as the other cheap one tear at my hair.

 3. What are you wearing now?
 PJ's I bought when I was in Cyprus in 2009

 4. What are your top five favourite TV shows?
 - Sex & the City - Seinfeld - Q &; A (Australian …

"Perfectly fitting pants in just 5 easy steps or your money back"

I got the new Ottobre a few weeks ago and it's a good one.  I like Ottobre (to look at, at least as so far I haven't made anything!). It has simple designs and look like they are for real shapes (meaning like my short, pear, shape!)
Anyway, the top I mentioned a couple of posts ago is cut out but still not finished as I have had a busy week with uni, friend from Tahiti visiting and another beautiful birthday dinner out! I've put a few photos of the cutting guide which isn't too bad and my m.o. is to use a highlighter to outline the shape I want to trace so that I can actually see it. 

 This dress above is a nice design (should have copied the technical drawing) but even though my camera has washed it out a lot, is a red and white and the roses are ready made on the fabric. You can buy Ottobre fabrics from their blog but from memory it was 37 Euro a metre so I think that's a no from me!

More interestingly when I had bought some patterns and pattern books (to show a…

Enid Gilchrist - who?

There is an Enid Gilchrist exhibition at the Brisbane City Council city library. I had never heard of her but she designed children's clothing and published magazines with up to 50 designs during the war years. It looks great and I will be going next week. Funnily enough I saw this on the QUT website when I should not have been distracting myself  have been doing research; so really it was meant to be!

This morning I also saw Judy from Everything Just Sew just received a parcel full of the pattern books by Enid Gilchrist. To be honest these are the first times I have heard of her. Anyone else heard about her and her patterns?