Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas... big wet!!

Well it is Boxing Day evening now.  Little one is asleep after a late, late night last night.  We had a big day at my sister and brother-in-law's place.  Three little boy cousins going crazy!  It was forecast for a big wet yesterday, and while the ground was soaking it didn't rain much yesterday (actually the water wasn't going anywhere-after weeks of rain everything is just full!)  This reminds me of 1974... the year Cyclone Tracy tore through Darwin.  I was due to start high school after the school holidays.  I remember it rained like this for weeks on end and we had huge floods and Darwin was flattened... literally.

Brisbane CBD flooded.

The street where I lived (and my parents still live) is three blocks from the river and it was flooded, of course.  Kids rode their bikes through it and went swimming but from a family of 5 young girls, we were not allowed.  Good thing too... spiders and snakes floating around along with everything else! (and you know here in Australia... if it has more than two legs or none; it will probably kill you!!!! Ha ha, LOL!!)

Anyway, onto more Christmasy things.  Thought I'd share some not so great Christmas lights people go to the enormous trouble to put up every year.  A lot of lights have not been put up due to the rain I'd guess but these were great.  My son said "I feel expressed when I see all there lights" meaning of course he feels that sparkle in your heart when people are friendly, warm and generous.

The snowman is home made from plastic cups, no less!!

Just to give you an idea of global location!

This is the EH Holden ute in the Australian Jingle Bells!

Singing Polar Bear!

This looks amazing in real life!

Well, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you and yours are all safe and well.  Thanks for reading along with me. Oh you may have noticed I have also taken off my Crafty Christmas Club badge off... I wasn't at all crafty and I hope  to get what I wanted done by New Year...
No Copyright breach intended.  Photo of Brisbane flooded from Qld State Library Archives. (hope this is enough!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Party Sewing

Well my very good friend P is having her 50th birthday party this Saturday night at her house.  She is very much the collector of fine wines and champagnes and she has chosen very carefully for her special night.  So, of course I have nothing to wear and I am making a dress that I cut out about 6 months ago (trying to get prepared for summer by sewing it in winter - ha that didn't happen!).  This is due to laziness more than anything as a) it is quite a simple pattern with no real fitting necessary and b) I hate cutting out patterns.

This is the pattern... bought for 20c from the local jumble sale at the church up the road.. nice and simple and suits the olive green satin I bought from same sale for $3.  That's the 4 gore skirt made and just hanging waiting for me to sew up the top.

The printed fabric above is Swiss cotton (made in Japan- what does that mean) I bought from Lincraft about 18 months ago for $6 per metre and the other is a stretch twill that I got as a remnant from Spotlight a few weeks ago.  Funny they seem to go and I have a burda skirt I want to make out of the twill and a simple peasant blouse (a pattern I have used lots) out of the top.  Every time I look at the Swiss cotton though, I can't help but think of pj's!

This is the drawing my son did for his Dad's Christmas card! Amazing... he's only in grade 1 and at the beginning of the year everything was scribble!! I am really impressed...

What do you think of all this?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mother's Love

Well I just saw this on another blog and I like it! So true!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Who is copying whom?

I normally get my Burda magazines from the local library as I don't see them around often to buy. I only have one that I have bought and I still haven't made anything from it.  Imagine my surprise when I got February 2010 issue on Wednesday and saw this.....
In particular the coat on the right.  Why am I surprised? Because in April 2009 I made this coat....
...The one on the right... and it looks like this....

It looks much more pink in my photo but the fabric is exactly the same as in the Burda photo!  That is my beautiful boy and we were at my friend's wedding in Auckland.  It was a beautiful day and we stayed 2 weeks in their home while they went on their honeymoon to Raratonga (I think it was). I rushed the end of it so I need to redo the sleeve ends.  It is not a lined coat pattern (actually it has one of those annoying half lining, so I tried lining it myself and it's just only ok.  I did not know of sewing blogs back then so I had not help to turn to. 

If you look at the collar and the lapels and the bottom opening you can sort of see that it is rolling in.  I am not sure if it is because I should have used stronger interfacing or if the lining is too wide so it pulls out. Any help would be appreciated as I do want to fix this up.  I saw a coat in a designer shop here too and it was about $600 in similar, if not the same fabric! 

I made all the epaulets and pockets & bits but I didn't put them on as it just looked out of place with that fabric.  I have not got any buttons on it either as I couldn't find any I liked here and I looked in many of the fabulous fabric shops in Auckland and no luck there either! 

This is made from a piece of the fabric I got at that designer place I have talked about that sells it off cheap... I think this one was $8 per metre.  I have a little more and I will maybe make a skirt if I have enough!

I have some other really interesting things to mention but I won't do it in this post....I am off to tidy my sewing room.  This is the first weekend my little boy will spend at his Dad's place after 3 1/2 years so I am nervous, excited and already missing him.  He is great company and we have done everything together, and I love it.

Any tips on the coat would be appreciated!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black dress

This is the Burda pattern used for my black dress (view B the white dress - the other is skirt and jacket).  It has a delicate tulip skirt and the pleating of the front is kind of unusual.  I have done it and it looks like the outside and inside views on the instructions but I have a feeling it isn't quite right so tomorrow when I am less tired I will look again.  It seems to have one of the pleats kind of off grain so that's what makes me think that. I mean that when I hold the skirt up it looks off.

So my camera is now downloading and I took some photos of the partly made dress and large paisley and it's hard to see but the row of dots around that small paisley is also part of the larger paisley and it reaches about 20 cm long. As I said the pattern is woven in so it has a lot of stretch.  Having said all that I am pleased with how it looks so far which is made up bodice (no side seams done yet) and made up front and back skirt.  This is supposed to be fully lined but that would defeat the purpose of having a nice dress in beautiful cotton in Brisbane ... way too hot. Instead of this I have made some bias strips and will try and do a neat job of just putting some bias around the armholes and neckline.

This is a top I made about 8 months ago.  The flower knit has a lovely feel ('hand') but I don't know what it is. It was a remnant and I used the whole lot - that is the exact length of it. The top red with black pin dots is a very fine wool my mother bought about 35 years ago to make me or one of my (4) sisters a dress out of, but never got done.  It's a Burda magazine one but can't find the pattern anywhere just now.  It's a little wide across the chest as you can see the top red is gaping and it does that when I wear it but I have so little to wear that I wear it anyway!  The sleeves are cuffed with some of the grey too and it is pretty comfortable.  Weird stance (that makes my legs look kind of a lot thinner than they are) - sorry but not good at taking photos of my self.

I hope to also get started on a pair of togs (swimmers) as I did my first laps of the season today and really need some training togs, plus the Burda mag skirt and the Simplicity top I have half cut out. Better tidy the house up too.  I asked my son today to "please be careful of my pattern papers" and he said "ok, but Mum do they need to be on the floor!"

See... I do sew!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Paisley

Well it seems I can sew still! I have been busy this last week cutting out pattern pieces; some with fabric some not yet.  I planned to cut out an easy Burda skirt and a simple simplicity top but of course I completely changed my mind and thought I should make a black dress.

I have had this black paisley fabric for at least 15 years.  It's a beautiful cotton and the pattern is woven in, not printed.  (when Apple call back and fix my camera download problem later I will post a photo of it).  I bought this fabric for about $2 from the designer place I have mentioned before - they sell off their stuff so cheaply but it is fabulous quality. I have been waiting for a pattern that would work with this fabric as the paisley is quite large; say 10-15cm.  I have thought about lots of stuff but suddenly on Sunday it came to me ... Burda 7488(seems like when Apple also reinstall everything I'll also be able to scan the pattern envelope so you can see what I am sewing).

It is a beautifully drafted pattern and I seem to have morphed into that European body shape (Greek mama some say now!) 
But now I will leave you with a taste and go and fix my Apple ... more later!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crafty Christmas Club

Well, now I've done it.  Tilly at has started a Crafty Christmas Club  for those who are making Christmas gifts.  So I have added her button to my blog ...well I plan to make some pj's for some not to be mentioned, some house slippers for my son's Japanese piano teacher and maybe a bag for the teacher's present.  I'm not going to stress too much or put too much pressure on myself either as I want to enjoy making them and not feel bad if I don't get it all done .... but, if I don't commit somewhere I fear I may not do anything either.

Tafe has finished last Thursday but then my son came down with chicken pox and is home.  We haven't gone out since Saturday and he is getting bored.  I also had to get two lots of  important court documents done and handed into the court and along with my last two weeks of tafe, it has been a very stressful time. Docs in today so I feel better. I also have some curtains to make for a legal friend who, with her husband (higher legal person) have helped me with my legal papers.  I'm grateful for their help so one small way to repay a kindness.

I was planning on cleaning up the sewing room (was the computer room but now I've on holidays from tafe, it's the sewing room again!) and as you can see it is greatly needed. I won't be featured in The Blue Gardenia's "My Sewing Space" series anytime soon!

I have pulled out lots of fabric out of the cupboards and sorting out what I will sew with soon and put the rest in plastic tubs under the house.  Sorry about the bad quality of the photo, I am still using the computer taking a photo as my camera won't download the photos for some reason.

I have cut out a pattern for togs (that's what we call swimmers or bathing suits here in the state of  Queensland) as I plan to resume swimming laps again and I don't want to pay $40-$80 for a new training  tog.  I have only ever made a small boys pair of togs so it's not like I am experienced but they weren't too bad and I can only get better.

Reading sewing blogs has done two things (well a great number of things but two I want to talk about now).
1.) It has made me realise that I have done some difficult things without knowing it e.g. welt pockets with zips (on a coat that isn't finished from about 12 years ago but I will finish it).  There was a bit going on in blog world about them and I went and had a re look at mine and they weren't bad (not great either).
2.) It has made me really just have a go and get into it.  If it doesn't work out it doesn't matter as I don't buy expensive fabric, and if I do have expensive fabric, I have bought it  really cheap.

So off to cut out the togs and tomorrow tidy the sewing room... I'm interested to hear what people have learned from blog world too...let me know.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Someone makes it..

I was reading and Johanna mentioned a site which I went and had a look at.  The stuff this girl makes is nothing short of amazing... really fantastic stuff and very innovative but it got me thinking something I have often thought of.  When people value more expensive goods like clothes, bags, shoes etc and dismiss the cheaper chain store type stuff (more what I can afford) they forget that someone still makes it.  Some poor person more than likely, who works for nearly nothing, to make available what we consider basic things ... the clothes we wear, the shoes we love etc... Unless people are buying real hand made items or top end goods, someone is probably getting exploited making this stuff.  

I have never been comfortable with this and so steer clear of designer stuff (not that I can afford it but I wouldn't anyway), brand labels and merchandised kids stuff.  I try to instil in my son what real value is and where stuff comes from, what some (most) people in the world have to go through to feed their families.

At least we sewists can know that we can make our own things and take pride even if it isn't designer standard we still made it!

And just so this isn't without a photo... this is in Nicosia, Cyprus.  This dress I made, wow, 4 years ago now and I made it just before Christmas (Summer here).  It is cotton from Spotlight and lovely to wear, it's made from a '70's pattern and is a halter.  I always feel like a Christmas pressie dressed with the green ribbon but I still think it looks better than black or boring with red!

It's a funny angle.. my son took the photos on a few steps above me... see the background.. that's the local soccer field... yes absolutely, completely devoid of grass ... Cyprus is a very arid land and they have water restrictions like we have never seen.  I lived there for 9 months in 1984.  Still to this day, in the summer, each household, no matter how many people live in that household, only gets one approx 1000lt tank of water a week ... if it runs out, too bad!!
That is water restrictions.

Not that we have to worry now....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeing spots...

Ok, so this isn't the most exciting thing you'll see for sure, but at last I have sewn something!  Two nights ago at 10pm I realised I would just be too hot to wear my winter pj's another night and so I cut out a pair of cotton knit sleep shorts! I have had this fabric in my stash for probably 15 years, always with the thought of making pj's but never got round to it.  (This is a shocking photo but something in my camera is not allowing me to download photos and so I take it with the built in camera in my imac!) It's not a great job but really I have been so busy that even if I had the inclination to go and buy some pj's, I couldn't. And I don't have that inclination at all.                                                                                                    

Oh don't let me forget the other thing that I sewed this week..... a hessian potato sack! Yes.. you heard right.  I had some hessian from MBB's (my beautiful boy's) birthday party sack races earlier in the year and I have wanted to make a sack for a while.  It's only small ...15 x 25 cm but it holds enough potatoes for two  and it's another of those piddly things you want to do, done.  It's kind of cute as I had MBB write "potatoes" on the bag and draw a potato on it with a permanent marker... boy he felt useful and pleased with his work!
I have also cut and sewed 3 long sleeved shirts into short sleeved shirts for my Dad... funny, they have been hanging up in my sewing room mess for about six months, but put an assignment due date up and boy oh boy what inspiration it is to do something else! I do say I'm a procrastinator!
So, I did hand in my assignment last Thursday and not really "against all odds" but had some pretty distracting moments.... I don't need much to distract me of course.  Firstly I had some friends from New Zealand come and stay (Hi Cath!!) with their 6 month old baby I hadn't met yet (MBB generically calls her 'baby'), this was on my return week to Tafe, MBB was also still on holidays and one of my (4) sisters took him for a sleepover so he didn't have two early morning starts when I was at Tafe (Thanks Krys!).  He doesn't mind of course as my sister and her family live on quite a big block of land and there is every wheeled thing known to boys and he is in heaven for two days!  Plus his cousin to play and fight with.. boy bliss!
Then when my friends from NZ left, MBB where alone for only one night when other friends who live up north, came back from a great overseas trip and stopped over for two nights to catch their breath before getting back to Yeppoon.  I love having people stay, and we make it work, but I wish I had a bigger house (I only have two bedrooms ... very basic house) and I have heaps of friends who stay often..... anyway to win lotto I guess I should put it in!
MBB was off school with a cold yesterday and I spent all day cleaning up and getting the washing done.  Then went to the Gold Coast to see my friends from Adelaide before they flew from "The Sunshine State" ha ha!  After I made those shorts it hasn't stopped raining and it has gotten cold again. Typical...

Anyway, I have two more things due in this week and another two in a few weeks and then I am done for this year!!  Hopefully I don't have to redo anything. Then I have a few weeks off before MBB gets off school and we will go to Adelaide or NZ for a holiday I hope.

Sorry this is a long post and I hope to get my camera sorted before the next post because this is driving me crazy... this blog is also centring all of my work and I don't know how to stop it so apologies for that too.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Look...

Well... the blog, not the patterns.  Had you there!  You thought "oh my goodness... she has actually done some sewing!" ... but it's not to be!  I do like New Look Patterns though!

Kristy from has mentioned this humble blog in reference to clever names.  That's probably why I have noticed many more people looking (with the cute map thingy on the bottom). I'm sure that's from the remarks in Kristy's blog.  (Wow did you see that three dot burda coat!!..) Too bad more sewing hasn't been done lately although sew darn tired is how I am feeling mostly lately.

My son is on school holidays this week and next, but I only have this week off from tafe (doh.. didn't work that one out soon enough!) and we have friends from New Zealand coming next week with their baby! My son will have a 2 night sleepover with his cousin (they have a big, big place with every mechanical thing known to boys so not sure he will notice I'm not there till it's too late and he's coming home!).  Then friends for a few days on route to Yeppoon from their European holiday.  I love to cook and make my guests feel at home and welcome but the house is like a dump and the yard isn't worth mentioning.  I keep saying the house looks like a giant walked pasted, picked it up and gave it a vigorous shake ... behold my place at the moment!  Roll on November! (when I finish tafe for the year!)

Anyway... if I get some stuff done.. I'll let you know...(less time blogging maybe??)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lovely Gems!

Remember a while ago, my first post I think, I said I had acquired some patterns at the local church jumble sale?  Well as I don't have time to do any sewing until probably November (when Tafe finishes) I thought I would show you some of the patterns I got for a song...20 cents each in fact! I bought quite a few and they were all 50's and 60's patterns; none cut and all size 16 with 36" bust.  It must have been someone who was a hoarder lover of patterns but had no time to make them ... know how that feels! 

I haven't had time to look at the measurements even and have never made a vintage pattern (except in the real 70's when I started sewing - it wasn't vintage then!) so I don't know what sizing I need.  Even though I learned in a Fashion Design course many years ago how to adjust and fit patterns, I haven't done it for ever and am pretty lazy time poor . I am pretty short waisted so maybe I'll do that small adjustment and see how I go!

I love the pockets in the princess seams of the Simplicity pattern skirt - it has no side seams, and the blouse has a "back separating zipper".  I have some beautiful old brocade that was my Mum's from the 60's but I don't think I have enough for this.
1966 Simplicity 6787

The Macall's dress is simply divine.  The raglan sleeves and that lovely open neck ... I love both necklines with and without the rolled collar.  I love both skirts but probably see me in a less full skirt rather than the pencil or full skirt.  The full skirt is really only two rectangles of fabric so it won't be too hard to adjust that.
1960 McCalls 5357

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little collection of patterns in the absence of any real sewing.  Funny, when I had time, I alway put the sewing off... now all I think about is sewing.  There is so much getting put off until my course stops for the summer holidays I don't know what will come first!

What do you think of these lovely gems!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alchemy Party

I said I would post some photos from the 70's party we went to last week.. and here some are.  The photo above is the group I went with... I am second from left.  That is an original polyester 70's dress and was very comfortable to wear.  You can see the lighted up Story Bridge in the background.  This is out the front of the Alchemy Restaurant where the party was held in honour of the owner/chef Brad Jolly who turned 40 and the restaurant which turned 4. Not a bad view ... the food is also "sublime" as my osteopath quoted last week.  The food was fabulous, the French champagne went down well and the staff were incredible! Have a look at their website  Brad has worked with some amazing and inspiring people one of them being Jamie Oliver!

Brad and Ang! (really!) owners of Alchemy
General dancing!
My sister and I
Paid entertainment!

Getting into the mood!
More mood getting!
The girls with more paid entertainment.
Party going..see Elvis in the background..he LIVES!
We all had a really great time and thank Brad and Ang for a great night out!

On the sewing front I have bought some lovely blue striped fluffy fleece stuff to make my son a dressing gown.  His latest is getting just a little short. It's cut out but I have to work on my tafe stuff before I can get to it!  Plus I have such lovely summer stuff that I really can't wait for holidays to get some sewing done.  Any sewing I do now is just for distracting me and avoiding doing the study I should.... off to study now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Studio 54

Do you remember the 70's? Yes I do too... late 70's finished high school and set upon the world.  I was more into alternative/punk/new wave pop type music but also found myself boppin' to disco too.  Well, I'm so excited ... tomorrow night I and my guest (sister - one of the 4 I have) are going to Alchemy Restaurant's 4th  and owner Brad Jolly's 40th birthday bash!  It is a Studio 54 theme... 70's great!!!  My sister came over with heaps of 70's gear that looks fantastic.  A whole suitcase full, no less! We have tried many on and had a good laugh but the one I liked on my sister was the red plastic short shorts, with the black,really large net top with sequins and big 70's sleeves, fish net tights with red boots with two white stripes up the side.  She won't wear it to the party but I think it looks great!

I will wear an original Prestige dress - black off shoulder number with a halter tie coming from the centre- front (don't know what this style is called.  It has a huge brown (not my favourite colour) and gold print but it is a great looking dress... teamed up with some black platforms or gold wedges (not sure yet) we should fit in nicely! My sister is not sure yet.

I will post pictures next week! (wonder if the food will be 70's????)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Naiad Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

The Naiad Frock Grosgrain Giveaway - being Greek shouldn't I win this??? Really this gown is etherial... naiad-frock-grosgrain-giveaway.html.jpg Lucky whoever wins this! 
Sorry .. I don't know why this photo isn't showing (see, told you I was a computer illiterate!) but have a look at the link.. it's a fantastic dress.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Because we can!!!

Since reading sewing blogs, I have learned that I don't have to rush off and buy what I think I need.  (not that I really do that anyway...even if I could afford it, I don't think I would). There is much inspiration in sewing-blog world... for example have a look here, why buy a $400 or more, goretex jacket... why not just make it.  Three months ago, I would never have considered it but now... why not.  But I'm not making a gortex jacket (I bought one for $400 when I went to live in really need it there) but in Brisbane, it's good for a rainy or windy day  or rainy and windy day, and with a fleece is ok for winter... one is enough, though. But I would make one for my son.  Same with if there is a pattern you can make it; if there isn't a pattern you can try and make it!

So in the last few months I have made: an ironing board cover, a printer cover, a knit dress, a shirt for my son, a 'green' shopping bag for my mum, an apron for my mum, a swimsuit coverall for my sister, a jacket nearly finished (still) for me and some things I can't remember right now.  So, remind ourselves, when we are a bit hard on ourselves, that we in sewing, unlike many others, don't just go out and buy it or toss it away, we make it or fix it.....because we can!!

Oh by the way, I finished the knit dress (photos to come) and my son said "oh Mum, that's the dress you made?'s beautiful... but this time I really mean it"...what? does this mean he doesn't really mean it usually???  What do your children say when you make something? I'd love to hear.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to Kristy and other followers!

I'd like to welcome all (ok, all 5) of my followers. I feel really honoured and I won't deceive myself that it isn't the enticement of a giveaway - I'm not really that interesting, but never the less here you all are. This will encourage me to a) blog more and b) make it more interesting. It's different when you think you are writing to yourself!  Well, added to this is excitement, I see tonight that Kristy of fame has also become a follower of moi!!!! (I'm feeling just a little bit Miss Piggy now) I follow Kristy's work and wonder how she (or many actually) find the time for sewing and everything else women/mother's have to do. Just for the record: I love the new red skirt Kristy! Red goes marvellously well with grey!

I have some photos I want to load soon (like the sunglasses I want to give away, and the dress I finished) but I have lots of study to do too and a legal matter that hopefully will finish on Thursday.  There are some life things that are draining and even if I think I am not stressed or anxious about them my poor (really not a strong enough word) sleep patterns are a testament that that's not the case.

So yours in motherhood and sewing and children sleeping in your bed...goodnight.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What am I doing?????

As if being a single parent (with only one day off a week) of a six year old active boy isn't enough, I have just started my Tafe course in Marketing this week ... one week down and 18 to go!  I am overwhelmed with how much work we have to do and getting a bit crazy with 'how will I ever do it all'.  I also make kindergarten sheet sets for a local kindy (kindergarten) and I have my usual home/mother stuff to do.  My son now has some before school care, park play and friend look after, and my Mum picks him up on Thursdays. Phew!

However, I am determined that this will work out.  I will probably only do sewing in minimal bursts for a number of weeks- kind of tension release.  I have to master simple computer things that most people have no trouble doing - like spreadsheets etc.  I was a travel agent for the last 12 years of my paid working life (that ended 6 years ago) and I used travel programmes and CRS's (computer reservation systems - indeed I know 3 of these!) but this does not help in the usual computer stuff.  Travel is very complex stuff and your mind doesn't seem to be able to switch it off when you leave work - not the best job for a part timer.  I would not want to work full time with my son in school so the next best option was to retrain and get skills that would help to get work with school friendly hours.  Anyway this is only a year long course, with a long break at Christmas/summer holidays so there is a big carrot at the end.  If I am crazy enough, this will lead me into a Bachelor of Business at QUT.. but I think I'll just bumble through this one and see how I go first!

Friday, July 9, 2010

SeamSTRESS!!!! and beaded mishaps!!

Ever wondered why we are called seamSTRESS's ... it occurred to me just now! There is always stress when you sew.  I remember once, I was making a beautiful red satin long evening gown for New Year's Eve, when my cousin invited my then boyfriend and I to Tattersalls (an exclusive men only - unless invited - club in the city).   I sewed for days and it was going well until I caught a panel of the dress in the overlocker and put a 'v' nick into it ..... it is still unfinished!  I cried and cried and cried; then got a hold of myself and went out and bought a dress on New Year's Eve afternoon.  A beautiful black, beaded all over dress that was only $99.  I still have the dress and had the neck changed from a scoop neckline to a square about 8 years ago.

The beaded dress has it's own story too!  When I worked in travel, my old travel manager worked for a children's cancer charity and was having a Ball to raise money. Said Ball was in Rockhampton, which is about an 8 hour drive from Brisbane, but only a 1 hour flight.  As another friend (who also worked for my old manager) and I, at the time, worked for the airline with a kangaroo on the tail; we flew up after work on a Friday.   Of course the plane was delayed about 2 hours, so we were running very late. By this time we had missed dinner for sure.  As it was a charity ball, we had paid $140 to attend plus the airfare and the airport carpark, not to forget a hotel (ok a motel; it is Rocky after all).

My friend took her ball dress  and got changed in the toilet on board - she had a sedate number to wear.  I had with me, my long, black beaded number and there was NO way I was changing in the aircraft toilet to land in Rocky (as it is affectionately known - also beef capital of Australia) with a beaded ball dress.  So, on landing I went into the Rocky shed...oops, I mean airport, and changed in the toilets there.  Fluffed my hair, put my make up on, then the dress and went to get out my new bottle of  $100 Lancome Poem parfum - where it promptly fell out of the box onto the concrete floor and smashed!  So, sans scent, I calmed and went outside to put my glam tie up stiletto shoes on ... sat on the usual plastic airport seats - and split the zip on the dress!!  So went back into the toilets, changed into my work gear again - sans scent - and made to the ball.  I still wore my heels as I thought why not look completely ridiculous at a ball in office gear and wear said office gear in glam silver stiletto heels.  Got a cold dinner too (lucky they saved it for us or we would have been eating burgers at midnight!)  My old manager felt so bad after our mishaps that she refunded the ball ticket!

Anyway these are the things I am working on now and the last three weeks.  It is last days of school holidays and I would like to finish these at least.  The kids have 'student free' day on Monday (that means they don't go-just teachers go) but I start my first day of a Marketing Diploma.  So as my son sees his Dad on Sundays, I get to catch up on everything then - but I have to try and get the yard a little worked on and get my preparations for Tafe (college) and I'd love to sew a knit skirt too!

The dress is burda 7828 - mock wrap dress with long sleeves.  The fabric I bought at a fantastic fabric shop in Auckland on the north shore, for NZ$4 per metre and I thought it was cheap enough to try make a knit dress as I have only ever made a t-shirt before and last year I made a pair or togs (swimmers) for my son in 1/2 hour as we couldn't find his and we were off to the pool. So far it's going well - but slower than I thought (isn't everything in sewing) but I have a good feel.

The jacket is a Kwik Sew1372 pattern that I bought at the church where our former Prime Minister goes - they have a jumble sale every Friday and I bought some other fantastic vintage patterns a few weeks ago for the princely sum of .25c each! The colours on the dress fabric is pretty accurate but the jacket is less purple and more muted - like brushed silk.  It is from years ago and I think was $2 per metre - I have about 2 more and I will try and make a matching skirt.

I get a lot of fabric from a designer manufacturer that has a sale once a year of their overstock - always fabulous quality fabric and from $2 to about $8 per metre - some of these fabrics go for over $80 per metre to buy so it's great.  More on that another time and keep watch because when the sale happens; I'll let you know and if you are in Brisbane you are in for a treat!

I'll show all when I am finished.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Style Icons and crap!

I fear my two favorite blogs are having an out and out verbal!! Here and here(well written punch up that is).  I happen to agree with both.  I don't think think that Peter should be canning Dan's style ... me thinks he has nice style and looks like a "nice young man" Heavens, it looks like he tries to appease the great Selfish one by either learning to knit (in the photo) or he is actually teaching HER to knit!!

But of course, Peter has his own style and doesn't need a "style icon".  It is nice to be a follower or emulate another's style - however there are few amongst us who could a) sew so well in such a short time b) whip up things for self and model-about-town cousin and c) lets face it; look good in a sheet that is made into skirt, shirt or dress!!!

So....... how to mollify the situation????? Not sure ... either way they are both entertaining (even though they actually may not feel the joy) but make no mistake .. each has their own real style, whether they think so or not.

Me, I have no style really.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I am not a slave to fashion.  What about you?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Streamer Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

The Streamer Frock Grosgrain Giveaway Have you seen this amazing dress that is being given away (if I made something that original and fantastic I would wear it every day and try to elicit compliments and approval).  What a generous soul!  Have a look here and look further into this blog is is really inspiring and really fun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to my world!

Well here I am!  This is my first post ever and up until about 6 weeks ago I had never even looked at a blog let alone known about sewing blogs!  Since then I have done nearly no sewing but have looked at an awful lot!  I am inspired by the amazing work people, not only put into their sewing but also into their blogs ... the hints, the help, the giveaways (I've even won one! from recently) and the laughs have been amazing.  What a wonderful world.  I am going to try to start a little sewing group in our area after seeing a beautiful, tall Kiwi woman (that's a New Zealander for those not in the southern hemisphere) picking up a Burda magazine in the library.  On deeper discussions she was not the one marking the pages so there are at least three of us using them.  (Then I discover her son and my son are at the same tae kwon do school so we see each other and talk sewing and kids at least twice a week.)  My friend also sews (her blog is Worn Out) and hopefully she will join us... 

Some reflections on sewing for me ... I used to think I was pretty good, but now that I have looked at so much lately I realise I am very average.  I nearly never make linings (of course it is too hot here for sweaty linings most of the time anyway) and don't ever make a muslin (and that's why nearly everything I make I give away as it doesn't fit) or I make those non fitted swing type stuff.  Many years ago I started the fashion design course that was then known as Certificate in Apparel production ... I loved the pattern making and did very well but it was for personal use .. I don't want to be a designer or work in fashion; I just like to sew.  Once you know how to sew you really don't want to buy anything because "huh, I could make that better for a lot less" hence I never buy anything and then because I haven't time to sew everything..I have nothing!  Having said that I have recently made an ironing board cover, a printer cover, an apron for my mum and a grocery shopping bag for her, a set of napkins for the Mother's day stall at school, a shirt for my son that he doesn't wear and just finishing a lab coat as a gift for a 6 year old's birthday this Saturday.  Of course the Burda top I started about 2 months ago gets kicked around the sewing room.

Now to the reason I started this blog ... I have some patterns I bought at the Op shop ... a designer Vogue Couturier Design .. what s steal .25cents!  I looked up at some random site for a sale price ....US$45 wow!!! and one that is a Facile Pattern that is listed on the pattern as coming from Clayfield, a suburb in my city of Brisbane.  I have never heard of them and wonder if anyone has?  I would love to hear anything about them.

How cute is that hat!!!  It's a pretty simple pattern but has a nice little cuff on the sleeve; like a half peter pan collar.  This is the first vintage pattern I have seen so I was surprised that it is cut out (is this just a Designer advantage?) and wrapped in tissue paper and then put into the envelope.  I would have made this but as it isn't cut out I think I will leave it as is.  What do you think?

So now it is way past my bedtime .... Have a good weekend and thanks for looking!