Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alchemy Party

I said I would post some photos from the 70's party we went to last week.. and here some are.  The photo above is the group I went with... I am second from left.  That is an original polyester 70's dress and was very comfortable to wear.  You can see the lighted up Story Bridge in the background.  This is out the front of the Alchemy Restaurant where the party was held in honour of the owner/chef Brad Jolly who turned 40 and the restaurant which turned 4. Not a bad view ... the food is also "sublime" as my osteopath quoted last week.  The food was fabulous, the French champagne went down well and the staff were incredible! Have a look at their website  Brad has worked with some amazing and inspiring people one of them being Jamie Oliver!

Brad and Ang! (really!) owners of Alchemy
General dancing!
My sister and I
Paid entertainment!

Getting into the mood!
More mood getting!
The girls with more paid entertainment.
Party going..see Elvis in the background..he LIVES!
We all had a really great time and thank Brad and Ang for a great night out!

On the sewing front I have bought some lovely blue striped fluffy fleece stuff to make my son a dressing gown.  His latest is getting just a little short. It's cut out but I have to work on my tafe stuff before I can get to it!  Plus I have such lovely summer stuff that I really can't wait for holidays to get some sewing done.  Any sewing I do now is just for distracting me and avoiding doing the study I should.... off to study now!

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