Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black dress

This is the Burda pattern used for my black dress (view B the white dress - the other is skirt and jacket).  It has a delicate tulip skirt and the pleating of the front is kind of unusual.  I have done it and it looks like the outside and inside views on the instructions but I have a feeling it isn't quite right so tomorrow when I am less tired I will look again.  It seems to have one of the pleats kind of off grain so that's what makes me think that. I mean that when I hold the skirt up it looks off.

So my camera is now downloading and I took some photos of the partly made dress and large paisley and it's hard to see but the row of dots around that small paisley is also part of the larger paisley and it reaches about 20 cm long. As I said the pattern is woven in so it has a lot of stretch.  Having said all that I am pleased with how it looks so far which is made up bodice (no side seams done yet) and made up front and back skirt.  This is supposed to be fully lined but that would defeat the purpose of having a nice dress in beautiful cotton in Brisbane ... way too hot. Instead of this I have made some bias strips and will try and do a neat job of just putting some bias around the armholes and neckline.

This is a top I made about 8 months ago.  The flower knit has a lovely feel ('hand') but I don't know what it is. It was a remnant and I used the whole lot - that is the exact length of it. The top red with black pin dots is a very fine wool my mother bought about 35 years ago to make me or one of my (4) sisters a dress out of, but never got done.  It's a Burda magazine one but can't find the pattern anywhere just now.  It's a little wide across the chest as you can see the top red is gaping and it does that when I wear it but I have so little to wear that I wear it anyway!  The sleeves are cuffed with some of the grey too and it is pretty comfortable.  Weird stance (that makes my legs look kind of a lot thinner than they are) - sorry but not good at taking photos of my self.

I hope to also get started on a pair of togs (swimmers) as I did my first laps of the season today and really need some training togs, plus the Burda mag skirt and the Simplicity top I have half cut out. Better tidy the house up too.  I asked my son today to "please be careful of my pattern papers" and he said "ok, but Mum do they need to be on the floor!"

See... I do sew!

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