Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Paisley

Well it seems I can sew still! I have been busy this last week cutting out pattern pieces; some with fabric some not yet.  I planned to cut out an easy Burda skirt and a simple simplicity top but of course I completely changed my mind and thought I should make a black dress.

I have had this black paisley fabric for at least 15 years.  It's a beautiful cotton and the pattern is woven in, not printed.  (when Apple call back and fix my camera download problem later I will post a photo of it).  I bought this fabric for about $2 from the designer place I have mentioned before - they sell off their stuff so cheaply but it is fabulous quality. I have been waiting for a pattern that would work with this fabric as the paisley is quite large; say 10-15cm.  I have thought about lots of stuff but suddenly on Sunday it came to me ... Burda 7488(seems like when Apple also reinstall everything I'll also be able to scan the pattern envelope so you can see what I am sewing).

It is a beautifully drafted pattern and I seem to have morphed into that European body shape (Greek mama some say now!) 
But now I will leave you with a taste and go and fix my Apple ... more later!

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