Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas... big wet!!

Well it is Boxing Day evening now.  Little one is asleep after a late, late night last night.  We had a big day at my sister and brother-in-law's place.  Three little boy cousins going crazy!  It was forecast for a big wet yesterday, and while the ground was soaking it didn't rain much yesterday (actually the water wasn't going anywhere-after weeks of rain everything is just full!)  This reminds me of 1974... the year Cyclone Tracy tore through Darwin.  I was due to start high school after the school holidays.  I remember it rained like this for weeks on end and we had huge floods and Darwin was flattened... literally.

Brisbane CBD flooded.

The street where I lived (and my parents still live) is three blocks from the river and it was flooded, of course.  Kids rode their bikes through it and went swimming but from a family of 5 young girls, we were not allowed.  Good thing too... spiders and snakes floating around along with everything else! (and you know here in Australia... if it has more than two legs or none; it will probably kill you!!!! Ha ha, LOL!!)

Anyway, onto more Christmasy things.  Thought I'd share some not so great Christmas lights people go to the enormous trouble to put up every year.  A lot of lights have not been put up due to the rain I'd guess but these were great.  My son said "I feel expressed when I see all there lights" meaning of course he feels that sparkle in your heart when people are friendly, warm and generous.

The snowman is home made from plastic cups, no less!!

Just to give you an idea of global location!

This is the EH Holden ute in the Australian Jingle Bells!

Singing Polar Bear!

This looks amazing in real life!

Well, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you and yours are all safe and well.  Thanks for reading along with me. Oh you may have noticed I have also taken off my Crafty Christmas Club badge off... I wasn't at all crafty and I hope  to get what I wanted done by New Year...
No Copyright breach intended.  Photo of Brisbane flooded from Qld State Library Archives. (hope this is enough!)

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  1. Thankyou for your comment on my daughter's dress!

    Wow, you have been getting so much rain, we've been watching a bit jealously from Perth where this year we've had the worst drought ever! By this year I meant 2010... Incredible, is it not?
    Happy New Year!


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