Monday, May 2, 2011

My first award!

 Camelia Crinoline has passed this award onto me!  I am thrilled - thanks Camelia!
I didn't expect to get any awards as I only had 19 followers up until my giveaway so it's a lovely surprise!

Now 5 questions:

1. What size shoes do you wear?  If you wear a 7 can I borrow your shoes?

Alas, I wear an 8! Which is a shame because then I could have borrowed yours too!!

2. 30's or 60's?

Oh I am a child of the 60's!  Born 1962 and I love the 60's fashion ... Yeah baby!

3. Have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have?  

Of course! Who hasn't! Sometimes things just seem illicit when you are young but then you realise when you are older that it wasn't you and others should have had more responsibility! (oohhh a bit serious!)

4. Have you ever been poisoned?  

I wonder why this question comes after the kissing question??!!  Not to my knowledge but lets face it, if you kiss someone you shouldn't maybe some one did want to/try to!! he he didn't work.

5. Who is your "celebrity free pass" list?  

a) Nick Cave  Love his music and have been listening to it since he was a drugged out singer in Birthday Party! b) Jamie Oliver because I love how he shows people how to cook good food and how easy it is to eat well. And he cares. c) Ian Curtis from Joy Division just to tell him it's ok, hang in there and it will be better d) Richard Branson because I would like some of his insights into his irreverence (I guess I could read the book but I would rather talk about it!) and e) the three grandparents who died before (well before) I could meet them.

Now I would like to pass it onto:
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  1. I think we are twins on opposite sides of the country! Same year, same shoe size, same music taste and we started blogging at around the same time(your blogoversary post made me think about it and when I went and checked I started a year ago yesterday). Thanks for the award!

  2. Thanks for passing this award onto me!

  3. Thanks for passing on this award!


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