Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fabric delights.

My camera is three years old and now will only take 2 or 3 photos at a time, but I have finally had the time to upload them to show you my fabric purchases from two weeks ago. When you look at these fabrics the colours are a little more vibrant than you see here and keep in mind they were all $3 per metre!!! What a buy!

They also sell some made up things and I bought two wool jackets (unlined) and a black shiny plastic longer jacket (that I can't find at the moment) I will photograph these and show you soon.

Now onto the fabrics, firstly, L - R a cotton sateen with some stretch, a green wool felt and a silk organza with some nobbly bits on some of the dots. 

 Secondly, a cotton voile, a remnant of silk chiffon (I think) and the next two are fabrics with metal through them.  The first one is a white cotton and the second is the same as the pinky colour I made the pink burda coat from.  (I can't get it to link up but check the older posts).  It was a tricky fabric to sew with; well actually it was great to sew but because of the metal threads it won't stay (remember I was having trouble with the front of the coat curling).  I took it with me to the sale to check with the people there as they are commercial designers... they said they had the same problems with it and they topstitched it to keep it in place.  I haven't had time to get some matching cotton to do this and see if it helps. It doesn't show up well in this photo but it is a beautiful matte silver colour and is very beautiful.  I plan to make an Izzy Miyaki jacket out of it.
 This is my breaky this morning ... another heart coffee and sourdough toast with avocado and tomato... yum!

This is a polyester I bought too ... I don't ordinarily like synthetic fabrics but this is a very good quality (as are all the fabrics I bought) and for this Butterick 5320 dress I needed more than 3 metres so I thought I would try it. It is black shot with a midnight blue.  It isn't finished but I was making it for my graduation on 5 July, but I made a size 10 but no FBA which I really need so it really sits open on the front... I'll need to contact them to see it they will sell me a couple more metres so I can recut. (I haven't ever done a FBA but who am I kidding, I need it.)

This is a really quick pattern and as it is polyester I will probably line it in some cotton ... not sure yet.  Polyester and/or lining is very hot for summer here.  


  1. Such lovely looking fabrics. I saw your post on the sale and was incredibly tempted to take a day off work and drive to Brisbane, which all sounded rather expensive, but for such yummy goodies.... Maybe next time!

  2. Hey there, I went to the sale, thanks for the heads up. I got some awesome stuff and I was thrilled with the price. I almost had to fight off a couple of nanna's who wanted a roll of green wool I picked up. I got the dot fabric too, it'll be interesting to see what we both make.
    It's a shame the floods meant that they had little fabric left to sell.

  3. Sounds like a great sale, $3/metre, just can't beat that! I'm sure you will get some fab creations out of those beautiful fabrics!

  4. The fabric is beautiful and the Butterick dress looks great.


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