Monday, July 11, 2011

Cyprus and warmth.

Well, I haven't done much sewing as it is just too cold in my house at night to sew.  I've lived in my house for nearly 20 years and I caved and bought a heater this year; one of those heavy oil heaters .. lugged it up the stairs, put it together and... it didn't work.  Took it back to the shop the next day, repeated the lugging and putting together for the heater to work perfectly warming up my kitchen and some sewing was done (see previous post) however, that only lasted 3 days; or rather the heater did.  So that went back and now I am wondering should I buy another?? I am cold; so I say yes, but that would be 4 trips to the shops so far for no warmth. 

I had to go to Adelaide to help a friend in need .. cold and wet there .. took fabric to cut out a jacket and she borrowed a machine for me - but a lot of talking, reading and relaxing got done but alas no sewing. That's ok I didn't have my son with me (he was at Dad's) so it was the first uninterrupted time I'd had with my girlfriend for quite a while.

So just to have some colour in my post I am putting a photo from our trip to Cyprus in 2009 at about the same time of year.  Beautiful isn't it ... Look at those colours with my piddly little camera.

 This one is of my and my son's foot on the marble rocks on the Acropolis. I liked my pearly pink nail polish and the colours on the rock and my son's little foot.
This is a photo of my son and nephew at the Brisbane Tram Museum.  I go when I want to remember riding the trams in my early youth. These are way before even my youth however; but they are really lovely and the boys love going.  It is a really cute museum, the people are friendly and run the different trams all day... it's only open on Sundays when it doesn't rain for those interested.

I graduated last Tuesday and now start university on 25 July! so I hope to have time to sew a few more things and paint the lounge room (and maybe my bedroom??) Here's wishing me luck.


  1. Oh Cyprus looks so warm and lovely and colourful. Bad luck with the non working heaters. I keep buying the fan type heaters but they last about 2 mins. I imagined the oil ones were much better but obviously not so. Congratulations on Uni - hope you love it. (from jacquie - blogspot seems to have excommunicated commenters lately and everything comes up 'anonymous'. Weird.

  2. Congratulations on your academic achievement! Take a little time to rest up for the next stage -- happy sewing this summer.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging words Jacquie and LinB. It has been so enlightening and amazing studying again after so long. But it will be worth it for our lives when I'm done.
    Hope I get sewing done .. the sewing/computer room is a pit at the mo!

  4. Hi Sofie, lovely to see and chat with you today. I work from a home office and feel like I haven't got to see many of the 'other mums' much this year so far. Truly well done on creating this blog - its been a treat to peek into your life. After talking about workshops today I found this blog She runs all sorts of sewing workshops from East Brisbane. The photos of the girls are gorgeous and has inspired me further to try and create something to do with 'giving young girls the gift of sewing'. Thought you might like it. Take care - hope we can catch up soon. Do you still do any playdates in that park?.... can't remember what its called. At the back of Marcossan Rd. Norman Park.? Take care, Kerry x (mummy of Milla in 3/2B)

  5. Kerry, thanks... I will look at that blog. If you look here again, we do go to the park on Wed's but after 2 weeks I probably won't be able to get there until late if at all as my uni will finish late that day. But come along. Thanks for your nice comments and I really like your idea for girls sewing.


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