Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not competitive but community.

While doing yoga this morning (I do it every morning so that I am a little looser due to an old car accident) I was thinking about sewing and about having a blog.  I am not such a proficient seamstress like many in blog land, nor am I so precise and patient like many seamstresses out there.  Then I thought having a blog and a blog land of sewers makes us competitive... I have definitely sewn more since having my blog. During this musing though I changed my mind and decided that rather than making me competitive it inspires me.  I think more about sewing and what I am making and fitting etc.  So thanks to all the bloggers I read (even if I don't comment) for the inspiration, information, encouragement and the sharing of a lovely community.

This is a maxi-dress I made a couple of years ago.  $2 per metre cotton and a shirred bodice with a big ruffle on the bottom.  Sooo comfortable and nice to wear but the cheap fabric didn't last.  We had just been swimming at South Bank on Australia Day - it isn't very flattering but I love that my son is so cuddly!

Gratuitous photo as no sewing done as I am painting (well so far scraping, sanding and filling) the lounge room.  The last time it was done was when Princess Diana died and I was travelling in South America - an old boyfriend did it as a surprise!

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  1. You're right Sophie... but I think it is a choice of mindset to 'choose' to be inspired rather than feel competitive. Competiveness sits well with some people and they can still be loving, caring, balanced beings. But most of us I believe are better to be 'inspired' by others like you mentioned. And possibly a maturity thing too (not mature in age but in understanding of the 'self') I eventually realised that my competivness in the past only made me anxious and edgy and jealous even. The acceptance of 'inspiration from others' is a lovely place to get to. I don't sew much myself but I looooooove to see and hear about others achievements in the art. Kerry x


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