Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflections after Christmas... previously titled "..before Christmas"

Well, I think this is my last post for the year. Such a cliche but I really can't believe how fast this year has gone.

My son (right) and his best friend at school Christmas concert.
(Edit: as I couldn't work out my photos I left this as a draft and forgot about it... I have worked out my photo problem - small issue with wrong year on date that is now fixed! so please excuse my comments about "before".)

Some reflections about my year:

I have learnt so much... that is formal learning at university and also personal learning that we do every day.  

My relationship with my ex partner has really improved and that has been a blessing for my son especially but for all involved. 

I have learned that I don't need to hang on to some friendships that have had their time and I can (and am trying to be) true to myself. I have also learnt that, true to words of wisdom from one who had gone before, some people treat you like their project and when they finish with their project so does their friendship, and with this I also learnt that some people need you to be constantly grateful to them and that is why they offer their "help" so it's not necessarily about helping me but about their own needs being fulfilled - don't get me wrong, I am grateful for my friends. Friendship to me is giving help but also accepting and receiving help if you need it also. A friend who is always doing things for you but never lets you help them when they need it has some other agenda I have found.

I learnt my Mum and Dad are not indestructible! That is a shock(not only to me but them also) Of course my intellectual self knows this but the child in me wants them to last forever - especially for the Grandchildren.

I have also grown my learning curve for technology enormously - ha ha, you may think this means I am competent (ok I am competent) but I am not proficient ... however compared to when I started my Tafe/Uni I am a techno genius!

I have learnt that I can do nearly anything... or if not I will find out by giving it a go and know that I can't do it. 

It is a special feeling going to university with people who are half (or more) my age and still feeling like I belong .. that is a testament to  the young people in part of course, but it also highlights that you don't really change (I feel the same as when I was in my thirties ... for clarification I turn 50 next March - phew how did that happen!!) 

Lastly I thank any readers I do have (still a surprise!).  I love reading your blogs and have learned so much so thank you. Safe and happy holidays to all.

Anyway that's enough ... and just to prove that technically I am still very challenged .. I cannot work out how to get my photos from the new Nikon to iphoto to get them on the blog! (Edit: see above edit.)

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