Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bronze Thongs

I bought these thongs in Singapore for S$19 in 2009 on a stopover from our trip to Cyprus and Greece. They were quite comfy but I didn't wear them much. They were cheap in both ways and the slight plastic wedge heel cracked on one and I had to throw them out. Before I threw them out I looked closely at the beads(ok, I didn't look, I bit them) and they were glass! I think there was 18 on each thong and I figured even at .50c ea that still makes it $18 worth of beads. 

Ages ago I saw a blogger whom I cannot remember (but wish I could) make a peasant style knock off blouse and it had glass beads down the front and she had a terrible time to get them and they were expensive (also a bit bigger than these too. So in the interests of needing bronze glass beads at some time in the future I cut them off and have them in my notions stash.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a little shoe shop that is piled up with shoes of every kind - you know the sort - 2 for $29 and then they get more expensive. But they had some lovely flat sandals with the same beads! Yep, I bit them too before I bought them and figured the $19 I paid for them would eventually yield me similar number of beads but this time in silver! They had a great light gold and a smoky colour too ... maybe I'll get the other too??

This post was going to be about the current Ottobre magazine pattern that I traced a couple of weeks ago and the top I hope to make tonight from it but blogger won't upload the photos. Maybe tomorrow. 

Do you save interesting bits and bobs from throw out items?


  1. Hehe! I am picturing you in the shoe store, biting all the shoes :)

  2. Haha! I've taken things like buttons off of old well-worn clothes, but I've never bought something just to take off the embellishments! Happy belated birthday; it sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day!


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