Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Put the sewing machines away.

Yes, I've had to. I started uni again a few weeks ago and my sewing room has morphed into the computer room again.  That took a while I must say. I still think about sewing things and dream that I can fit a little dress making between study, uni, mowing (will it ever stop raining here??)and looking after an 8 yo boy. 

I have so much that I want to blog about and from so long ago too. The Australian Sewing Guild (I can't even remember if that is the name) and that was from November last year, I have got a lot of patterns lately that were bargains and $1 each, some great fabric when I went (only once) to The Fabric Store, and the new Ottobre came last Friday. That is a great issue I have to say and a little pattern is trying to mate with the Fabric Store purchase and become a little dress... but I think that relationship may be doomed. (for now) I also signed up for My Image magazine too I think. I know I thought about it but can't remember if I did ..I'll let you know. 

 This was just before or just after I finished last semester - maybe it was just before and tidying up the room was my avoiding study technique! Embarrassing - no wonder not much sewing gets done!Less caressing fabric and more sewing.
 This is what the sewing/computer room looked like a couple of months ago.  I had to pull lots out to rearrange it and I did. The white craft/sewing table I gave to a friend for a birthday gift as she was sewing on the garden table and I need space for a surprise for me! 
 This is a beach cover up I bought a couple of years ago for $15 but it was cut so low (like nearly to my navel)I couldn't wear it. So I cut a little triangle red scrap and sewed it on with my twin needle and now it is acceptable if I have to drive home in my togs and pick up some milk in a shop!
Did I show you these 72cm x 72cm sq cushions I made with Ikea fabric about 4 months ago? I had bought the cushions about 2 years ago and they were vacuum packed so didn't take up much room but are big - when I opened them it took about 4 weeks for them to puff up fully! Boy I thought they were going to stay flat for about two weeks! There are two heads and two stripes. The kids love to lie on them. Oh, ok me too!

Anyway, not much sewing in the next 8-10 weeks but lots of thoughts of sewing going on here and by the uni workload I don't even know if I can sneak anything in when I'm not looking.


  1. I love your beach cover up! Looks fabulous with just a touch of red

  2. And by the way, if you love no word verification, have you considered removing it from your own blog?

  3. Thanks for your comment ! It was not your computer that cut off my post - it was me - I am a computer dummy - I don`t even know why I blog sometimes - and managed while writing that post to get back to google`s home page and then it took me a while to work out how to edit my post . Anyway I am happy with my experiment and will be able to cut out that tricky fabric but I really don`t know how I am going to deal with the bodice of the dress - I don`t want my teenage daughter wearing a see through dress so I have to go and research that bit now.

  4. What a great idea for the beach cover up - so simple but extremely effective. Good luck with the Uni work over the coming weeks - at least the weather is cooling down a tad in Brisbane and the rain is easing up ever so slightly...


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