Sunday, April 15, 2012


That of course means something to anyone who has studied. I have a paper due tomorrow so of course I must clean the kitchen window sill, mop that floor, take apart a sewing machine that isn't working well (full of ants ... does that matter?), tidy my sewing/computer room, rearrange my son's room and a gazillion other things to avoid doing what I have to do anyway.

So in the interest of one last avoidance at 9.30pm (really?!), before I sit for hours here I thought I should post about some recent patterns I have picked up (weeks ago really). I've gotten heaps of Kwik Sew and some vintage ones but I haven't got time to photograph them but I will soon. 

I also found some pattern books like the Topkids Carolyn likes to use and some Knitwit books that have great knit sewing tips.

The Kwik Sew one is just good basic tops, the Butterick is from the '70s from memory and the Givenchy, well is Givenchy! Does anyone know if the Knitwit books came with patterns. They sort of make reference to patters and I'm not sure if they came with patterns or they make assumptions about patters and you!

See you at the light end of the tunnel!


  1. When I was at uni first time round I shared a house with a guy doing a PhD in some sort of science. When his thesis was due to be handed in, he decided to spend one last weekend working on it. He refused to go out with us all on a Saturday night, but when I got home at around 3am he was standing on a ladder washing the kitchen ceiling. I have a theory that if we have a queue of things to be done, eventually each thing will come up as something to do when you're avoiding doing something else. Hope that makes sense!

  2. At this moment in time, it makes perfect sense and when I look, my kitchen ceiling in in dire need of a clean!

  3. Ants in the sewing machine? Go figure! I think they really like electricity -- my parents' outside air conditioning unit has to be cleared of ants at the beginning of each season.

  4. Ohhh I know that feeling, when I was doing Uni exams it was the only time ever I was actually keen on housework. It's amazing how much you get done that you usually put off though isn't it(except for what you're meant to be doing of course). Hope you got the paper done ok, and nice patterns!


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