Friday, April 6, 2012

Enid Gilchrist - who?

There is an Enid Gilchrist exhibition at the Brisbane City Council city library. I had never heard of her but she designed children's clothing and published magazines with up to 50 designs during the war years. It looks great and I will be going next week. Funnily enough I saw this on the QUT website when I should not have been distracting myself  have been doing research; so really it was meant to be!

Photo from Powerhouse Museum
This morning I also saw Judy from Everything Just Sew just received a parcel full of the pattern books by Enid Gilchrist. To be honest these are the first times I have heard of her. Anyone else heard about her and her patterns?


  1. Oh, yes I have heard of her!!! Though I think by just admitting it I am showing my age. Anyway, I have a few of her patterns tucked away that use to be my Mum's. So they would have been from the 50's era. And also have many a photo of me dresses (as a child) in these little outfits...might have to head into the library and have a peek around...

  2. I remember her too! My Mum used them for my brother and I, and I used them for my children. When the first of my grandies arrived (and I was way too young for grandies)I graduated to the Kwik Sew books. I still have the Enid Gilchrist books, a bit tattered and worse for wear, but would never part with them. Will have to dig them out and refresh my memory of all the goodies they contain.

  3. I have a whole collection of Enid Gilchrist and I've made a few items over the years. There is a blog dedicated to sewing from these patterns. I wish I was still living up there so I could see this exhibition.

  4. I have a whole heap of her books, and have made quite a few things out of them (often for the school musicals!). They are great, very easy to draft and make. I love them.


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