Sunday, April 22, 2012

My baby is here!

Just a teaser... my baby is here but I haven't got any photos yet! I'm SO excited. I'll post photos in the next few days. This is my son making chocolate crackles for a friend's birthday party. I don't have any sewing photos you haven't seen!

I've finished that assignment for Monday last and had two exams yesterday.. phew but what a morning... I haven't had that much stress for ages. 

9am start, my son wasn't keen for another early morning and he was going to my Mum's. When he was having breakfast he swung his arm down quickly and bumped (smashed) his elbow on the table. He was a bit shocked and going "ouch" and then he suddenly got up and walked a few steps and then fell to the floor, then suddenly burst into tears and said "how did I get on the floor, Mum?". He had passed out and bumped his head on the stove. So then had to comfort him and then rush out. I didn't even have time to get out and tell my Mum what happened. I raced to catch the bus, but had no time so thought I'd drive near by. Finally got a park and then had about 20 minutes to do a 35 minute (fast) walk over the river by bridge. I was walking so fast my muscles in the front of my legs were cramping and all I wanted to do was stop and cry, but I didn't have time for that. So I just went as fast as I could and when I had about 10 metres to go before a walk up 3 flights of stairs to the lecture hall, my shoe caught on a cobble stone on the road way and I face planted it (fell). More wanting to cry but just got up, went up the stairs and walked into the hall with about 2 minutes to spare. All the seats at the front were taken and there were a few up the back so walked all the way up, sat down to put my name and student number on my exam paper and realised my glasses were in my bag at the bottom. For about 5 seconds I contemplated not getting them.. but realised that was dumb, so walked down and got them and did economics. I think that one went well, actually! Accounting? Well that's another story!

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