Friday, April 6, 2012

"Perfectly fitting pants in just 5 easy steps or your money back"

I got the new Ottobre a few weeks ago and it's a good one.  I like Ottobre (to look at, at least as so far I haven't made anything!). It has simple designs and look like they are for real shapes (meaning like my short, pear, shape!)

Anyway, the top I mentioned a couple of posts ago is cut out but still not finished as I have had a busy week with uni, friend from Tahiti visiting and another beautiful birthday dinner out! I've put a few photos of the cutting guide which isn't too bad and my m.o. is to use a highlighter to outline the shape I want to trace so that I can actually see it. 

Simple 3 piece top
Pattern sheet with highlighted pattern pieces

My traced pattern

Nice simple dress
 This dress above is a nice design (should have copied the technical drawing) but even though my camera has washed it out a lot, is a red and white and the roses are ready made on the fabric. You can buy Ottobre fabrics from their blog but from memory it was 37 Euro a metre so I think that's a no from me!

More interestingly when I had bought some patterns and pattern books (to show another post) I saw this ad below, in one of them. Sorry but the photo has been adjusted in my iphotos but it will not keep it right way up on blogger! What's that about? Anyway I'ts like a pants pattern block that slides and pivots to make the "perfectly fitting pant in just 5 easy steps or your money back". Anyone ever heard of this bonfit pattern block?

With some instant research Bonfit Pattern Co exists still but this is a Canadian one - are they one and the same? I will have to do a little more in-depth research (that is more than 30 seconds!) Have a great Easter - hopefully with family and friends and be safe.

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