Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pattern Hauls

A week ago today I finished my end of semester exams. I had three in a row but all were of the afternoon shift so for this non-morning person, it was perfect.

This old Butterick pattern was got quite a while ago and I made up a pair of the One-yard Shorts about 5 months ago (out of a piece of remnant wicking for $3) in a lovely red for walking shorts! So far they haven't been walked in and now it's too cold but they will get use. They are only 1 piece - sew easy! They are actually a great fit but I lengthened the leg to fit the remnant fabric put a little coin pouch on the inside, sewed them up with the overlocker and used a twin needle to finish the edges. (I realise I didn't take a photo of them.. next post).

Even though I should have spent all my time studying, I found myself unable to stop going to second-hand shops to distract me from what I was supposed to do. Sometimes, in my defence, this was a side trip from the grocery shopping, so no real time harm done. These side trips proved very fruitful and I scored some great patterns. Some like the Kwik Sew I wouldn't normally buy as I would have limited use for them and they are too expensive but for $1 each it's amazing how you feel you need to have it. Some are great scores - such as the togs (Queensland speak for swimmers). There was also one for control undies (but I can't find that at the moment). 
Isn't this a lovely wrap dress but it is a bit of a fabric hog due to the long facings.

Think I will make up one of these hats for summer.

This looks really nice and simple and I think I'll make up View C in corduroy.

My son is excited about this hoodie. He's pretty skinny so will be useful for a few years still.

There is another racer back swim suit too that I can't find but this and the boys one will be useful for a while.

I have an interfaced fabric in bright lime green from the '70's my Mum had and may make a cape! Although not much call for capes in Brisbane and the cold will be over before I get to wear it I suspect.

Anyone know about this pattern company. It was a Brisbane company but I haven't been able to find anything out about them. I think this was one of my first posts!

And what a great score is this! Wild Ginger pattern software unfortunately for a PC and I have a Mac! Typical but I can use the uni PCs so will do that when I have time! Look at that price!

Well that is some of my hauls of the last few months. There are more that I will find and document. I am currently making some long pants for my son for school and me some fleece lounge around the house pants. I want to make a corduroy skirt with a Mizzonni type top next.

Happy sewing.


  1. What excellent finds. You must have an eagle eye!
    I hope you get in some good sewing time now that your exams are over.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your exams! Looks like you have scored some fun patterns to try out too. I like the one shoulder swimsuit in the Kwik Sew pattern.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your exams! What a lot of lovely patterns! I adore that little bucket hat, and the Vogue Givenchy is too yummy for words.


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