Thursday, August 9, 2012

On it's way...

I was a winner of one of the parcels full of the Pattern Pyramid at Did You Make That? and I drew a winner - Funnygrrl at Falling Through Your Clothes. A blog I didn't know before but am glad to know now. Anyway, finally on Monday I sent the pattern pyramid parcel on to her in Canada!! 

Sorry I don't have photos as I was so excited I wrapped it up and sent it before I realised I didn't take a photo! I did manage to put in a special extra surprise for Funnygrrl as she waited patiently for about 10 days before I had time to go to the post office. Lucky I got there then as since, I haven't had a minute. Come on end of semester. Sorry I don't have any photos but I have taken photos of some fabric a friend brought back from overseas to show when I get a chance to download photos. Back to my presentation I'm working on for tomorrow.

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