Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Boy Pants

 These are some rtw jeans that my son had. The khaki ones fit him like a glove.. the others...look like *rap! The length of that crotch was big enough nearly for me! I find that a lot with pants for boys... anyway we'd had these in the wardrobe, along with two other pairs of pants (pull on ones) with the same problem so i decided I'd tackle them... this is about 2 months ago actually, but just noticed the photos again. So I cut the pants to the same shape as the khaki and voila! Three 'new' pairs of pants and no trip to the shop. Sometimes I just figure, by the time you get into the car, drive 20 mins to the shops, get a park...you get the picture, it's just as easy to adjust (in this case) or make something from scratch yourself!
Notice how the foot tips back due to the thickness of the fabric
With a small spacer it raises the foot, making it easier to move forward

I also thought I'd share a little tip I learned in fashion design college (another lifetime ago). In the top photo; the foot tips down due to the thickness of the fabric and then the feed dogs can't pull the fabric forward. In the second photo I have a spacer (which is the holder from those cheap Sullivan's sewing needles you can get but is the perfect size for this)an just prop the foot up to straight and then the fabric pulls through and you don't get that 1000 stitches in the same spot tension thread jammed problem.


  1. Brilliant tip! I tried it out today and it worked a charm, no more bunching or teeny tiny stitches at the start of the thick seams I was sewing which also meant less (well a bit less) swearing from me too! Thanks for sharing

  2. That is a terrific tip, and well done for fixing your son's jeans up so efficiently!
    Thanks for your comment; and yes, the waist-hole and the neck-hole being skewed off-centre, and to each other; is what gives the little japanese top its twisted drape :) I've actually re-styled it in a new post, thanks to everyone's fantastic styling suggestions!

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    1. Thank you... I used google translate to see what you said!


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