Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh.. I remember that!

I made half made this jacket about 20 years ago... wow I can't believe it is that long ago but it is! This was my first and only attempt at welt pockets of any kind.... and with at zip!! I impress myself. (maybe only me!)And how is that zip insertion?? Again I impress myself...

This was not at a time when I had any guidance, technical assistance (from books or teacher or anything) bar the pattern instructions ...and there was not a thought in my head that I should do practice welts. Never would have occurred to me until I read it in a blog. So obvious when you read it! I know they are not great but I am pleased with them and the zip.

This is a Kwik Sew pattern that I still have and will try to finish this jacket in the long summer holidays for my Mum when she walks. 

The fabric colour is most like the top photo. It is completely water proof and I got it for less than a song at the fabric sale I go to about once a year.I've got more things I need to complete but some don't fit me any more..oops. The new treadmill may help me with that... as I am a single parent I can't go out and walk early so other than walking part way to uni (which is a good 20-25min fast walking each way)three days a week and general playing with my son, I don't get enough exercise - of course I could eat less (which I will too..soon). How old are your oldest UFO's?


  1. I am impressed with your welt pockets. I've never attempted them. I'm too scared. Ha, yes I know what you mean about reading things on blogs and then them seeming so obvious. I'd never even heard of making a muslin until I started reading blogs.

  2. Good for you! I too use to depend on pattern instructions and would never have thought of making samples. But I use to be a perfectionist so I never got discouraged and kept at those welt pockets, bound buttonholes, lapel jackets, you name it until after a while they started to look pretty good. I also discovered a show on HGTV called Sew Perfect with Sandra Betzina and I learned so much from her . I also bought her book called Power Sewing and there is everything you need to know about sewing garments in there.Today , the internet and sewing blogs have so much information for us that we can learn how to do anything by just googling it.
    I'm not such a perfectionist anymore. I've lightened up a lot but I love to sew and can't imagine not sewing.Good luck with finishing your jacket. I know it will turn out great.
    And losing weight is hard isn't it. I can't seem to lose the five pounds I'd like to lose no matter how hard I try.

  3. Your welt pockets and zip insertion look terrific! Good luck with finishing!


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