Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a tempter ...and I even impress myself!

I'm finished.... uni that is.. until March next year! Phew what a semester. I also had two court dates in the last 10 days (I'm self litigating a property settlement) so I am exhausted but for now I'm free!!

So this is just a tempter as I said as it is nearly midnight and I'm beat. I started a 5km running programmme... this means I do it on my treadmill (I bought a cheap one a few months ago but haven't really used it much). This is from a programme that Fehr Trade mentioned on her blog a few months (weeks??) ago. Anyway I'm not making any claims about wanting to do a marathon next year or anything ('cause I don't want to) I just want to get my fitness from where it is (passable) to much better. I like swimming so I have a pair of training togs (swimmers) ready to be cut out so I can start swimming again soon. 

Bought at a Thrift shop for $1 recently

But before I can do that I had to make my son a pair of boy leg togs today. It is the big school swimming carnival tomorrow and his team is Mercury which is red. His last togs I made too here - right at the bottom, it's not a good photo but he loves them but they are just getting a little small so I made him a red pair this afternoon. I don't have a pattern (I just cut it off a pair we bought in Cyprus in 2009) and sort of made it up as I went, but the front is lined and when he tried them on this arvo he was thrilled (doing a little Elvis like dance!). But no photos yet - I'll get some tomorrow in action.

Now to the tempter...

This is from 1981 - on envelope it says "sale Bayards" that was a department store here - now closed :(
G. Wagner bought this in Bayards in 1981. Bayards was an old department store here in Brisbane and I loved going in there with my Mum and sisters when we went to town. They had a great fabric department downstairs (I have some fabric from Mum that was bought there - I've just looked at some archives and apparently it specialised in fabric!) It was beautiful... all wood shelves and counters and on the top floor was a huge model train exhibition and I remember buying one of my favourite pairs of shoes there when I was young.

Anyway... back to now.. I have nearly finished this dress tonight in a black and white stripe of about 1 cm width. I was just testing it out really, it was cheap fabric ($4 per metre at Spotlight about 6 months ago - but has a lovely feel but it a bit thin) I don't know much about knits to say what it really is but it's nice. Anyway I'll finish it tomorrow or Saturday and post a photo... and here we come to why I impress myself.. it isn't obvious but the pattern has a seam right down the front but my stripe matching is so good you can't even see there is a seam! Yeah and the dress looks FABULOUS! I could do with a sway back adjustment but I'll show you the pattern piece to see how unusual it is making a sway back adjustment difficult (there is ONE piece and a facing which I'm not going to use). Congratulations and thanks if you've read to here! Phew!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your dress. I have a similar vintage pattern from the op shop that I'm thinking of including in my SWAP.

  2. Congrats on finishing uni for the year. The dress sounds great. Can't wait to see it when you've finished.

  3. Congratulations on finishing uni for the year :) yay! and here's to fun summer sewing!
    btw, I don't know if you chose to change this but did you know that your blog profile is now set to private, or not for public viewing? Just saying, since it made it much harder for me to "find" you to reply to your kind comment on my blog... and thank you for your lovely words! .

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