Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catch up and Christmas sewing.....Warning....Long post

I have been distracted by Christmas sewing instead of finishing the stripy dress in the last post but more on that later. I have just worked out I can put my SD card straight into my MacBook Pro so lots of photos!!

In September school holidays my beautiful boy and I went to Toowoomba just at the end of the Carnival of Flowers. Toowoomba is a two hour drive from Brisbane and it is a lovely city on the top of a mountain. It was just a couple of days but really fun.

Alexander's breakfast

Alexander eating my breakfast!

Some of the beautiful flowers (nice smoker in the background!).

Sewing room mess in process of being sorted! (random photo drop!)

This is the Motorcycle Museum on the way to Toowoomba.

For motorcycle enthusiasts - there are A LOT of fantastic, rare, special and weird bikes here all privately owned!
 Now to the dress I started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Pattern reminder. So I stalled as the fabric is quite thin I decided to buy some Steam-a-seam - where has this been all my life?? It is great to fix those seams and hopefully make sewing around the neck and armholes - I say hopefully because of course when I finally bought it and used it, I broke my twin needle - arrgh! They are so expensive so I had to make a trip to Spotlight. Finally today (after Alexander's piano concert) I will finish it to wear to Simple Minds (at A Day on the Green at Sirromet Winery with Devo, the Church and Models [?]) tomorrow. But I have proof of my stripe matching of which I am proud!
Dress in the make - nearly done

Stipe matching pride!
 I've made two sets of Christmas napkins for teacher gifts. One is a set of 4 and one is a set of 5 matching the family numbers. It was as remnant fabric and I used my No 6 rolled hem foot. Most machines come with a No 2 but I bought a set with No 2,4 and 6 a couple of years ago. Great for napkins, hankies, hems, aprons and tea towels. I have also  made two little Christmas dresses for a cousin's 1 year old and my new neighbour's 10 week old baby. I used Butterick 5326. I changed it a bit for the 1 year old's dress - I didn't put buttons all down the back..just put 3 buttons on the bodice. The baby's dress will have buttons all down the back. Actually I'm still to finish the baby's but will do that today. Actually the buttons are just for show I have put snaps to make it easy for on and off with little ones.
Christmas napkins - school teacher and piano teacher gift.

One year old's Christmas dress gift
Pattern used for Christmas dress

On another note, as evidenced above, I am clearing out my sewing room and have started an Etsy shop to sell the patterns I have used, never used, just hoarded or bought because I liked them but will not suit me. I will also sell some of the fabric I have because I have too much and some is just not me but I recognise as beautiful. Some patterns and fabric is vintage so when it is running I will let you know and have a giveaway! Stay tuned - I'm just in the process of photographing it all - boring but necessary! Till next time; happy sewing!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your trip to Toowoomba - the flowers put on a great display this year. You have been very productive with your Xmas sewing.

  2. What a lovely weekend, and that motorcycle museum looks like a boy's idea of sheer heaven! The flowers are just beautiful.

    btw, the same thing happened again; your profile is definitely still "not for public display" if you want it to come up when someone clicks on your profile pic it must be marked "enable public access". The only way I can only find your blog to reply to your kind comments is by going through my page view history... :)

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  4. every child will like to use this types of dress. this dress is looking to smart/.. thanks

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