Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lekala speaks!

A while ago I wrote this post asking if anyone had used Lekala patterns and what they thought. There were some fantastic patterns there and I'd like to try one in the future. I had a lot of comments (good and bad) but the most interesting were the comments from Natalia. Making a presumption from the comments made,  Natalia works for Lekala and gave some good information and also said she would pass all the comments on to the designers!

I think this is fabulous! It shows they are interested in what the sewing public think of their patterns and how they use them and if they have any problems. Based on this alone I will use one of their patterns at some point even though I hate printing and sticking patterns together. It is interesting that the patterns are printed to your measurements and that is the best part - if they work for you.

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