Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello, hello?? anyone here....

Yes, I'm here... just. There has been no sewing here.. my sewing machine is still on the table however, with the half made dress still draped over it. I'm just so busy with uni and to be honest I am really not feeling it - but I must get into it and finish hard for my last 7 or so weeks. I have two assignments due next week and then three more and two exams at the end. 

I have been representing myself in court for a personal matter related to my separation... in fact I have been doing this for the whole time I have been studying so I am really tired of it but I have an end date... 30 August. So I have a number of weeks after I finish to prepare for a trial. Oh and work out what to prepare!

My son made me breakfast a few weeks ago... toast with a chai tea. What a little honey! 
Ain't this just so!
 This was on a calendar my middle sister gave me for Christmas. Ha .. I like it! I will get a frame for it (when I get time) and hang it in my sewing room or maybe kitchen where more people will see it.
Super juice ingredients
 These are the ingredients for my 'super juice'. When I am run down from thalassaemia minor I make this juice - ginger, carrot, lime or lemon, celery leaves and beetroot. I have it twice a day and it just gets enough into me to really zap me back into shape. Even my son likes it, try it... it is better if the veges are cold or pop some ice in it.
What do you think of this... so cute.... see the tape measure for scale.. it is so tiny. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my girlfriend gave me this lovely little clock and a great red bag. 

Other than uni work and a week of play dates during the school holiday I've done  
nothing other than uni work. The week that Alex was at his Dad's I was coming home about 8pm from uni. When spring comes I shall be free! Bring it on.

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