Sunday, April 28, 2013


Yesterday we had my son's 9th birthday party. He was 9 on Wednesday! Where do the years go. He's a really good boy and I am so proud of him. Since he could walk (at 11 months) he's had a bicycle and he's had two good ones and two cheap ones. Mostly he has worn them out (the Apollo was sold on). I bought him a new bike for his birthday and if he has said thank you one time he has said it a thousand! He has been getting up and getting ready for school (which includes piano practice and making his bed) and then goes downstairs to the lane to ride it before school!)

Super loved bike

Laserforce Party

Rainbow cake.
He had a laserforce party (again) which he loves as do his friends. I normally make a themed cake but he wanted a Terminator cake (?) and I had no clue or the time to do it so I made a 'boring' round cake with the surprise rainbow in the middle! The boys loved it. I made an orange and poppy seed cake with no poppy seeds as one boy was allergic - I usually make it with almond meal too but for the same reason I made it without. Yum! However it was not one of those perfect precision makes - I started baking at 9.15 the night before. I sandwiched it with home made mandarin jam my friend made. Another year down!

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  1. Love your photos - turning 9 looks brilliant fun! Happy birthday to your son and I hope his new bike serves him long and well.


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